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The best roulette casinos in Canada are here. Bojoko's experts will help you find the right place to play online roulette.

Roulette is a popular game and can be found nearly everywhere. This makes things difficult when you want to play online roulette for real money in a trustworthy quality casino.

With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to go through them all by yourself. Bojoko casino experts have decades of experience in online gambling, and we can help you find excellent roulette casinos online.

Play Online Roulette for Real Money

You can find top-tier online roulette casinos right here below. We have tested and reviewed all these casinos so you can just find one that suits you.

Check the highest-rated online roulette casinos or use our search features to find casinos that match your requirements.

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The best roulette online casinos for Canadians

Best Online Roulette Sites in Canada

Want to find the best online roulette sites in Canada? We have chosen five online roulette casinos that stand out from the rest. There may be many casinos to choose from, but these are the top-tier roulette sites.

You can find more options on our best online casinos for Canadians page.

Take a look at our top-5 online roulette sites and see which suits you.


Videoslots is filled with games and has plenty of online roulette tables

Videoslots is the best roulette casino when it comes to variety and sheer number of options.

Videoslots is one of the largest online casinos in the world. Even though most of their games are slots, they do have a ton of roulette games, both regular and live versions.

For Canadian players, Videoslots is a solid option when it comes to choice and ease of use. They have enough deposit and withdrawal methods, and the terms are just.

The site does have its weaknesses, and its appearance is one of them. The casino looks like its stuck a decade behind everyone else. It works just fine, no questions there, but it just doesn't look that modern.

Play on Videoslots »


Gslot has a huge number of live roulette tables

Gslot is the best roulette site for live roulette players.

Even though the name might imply that this is a slot site through and through, that is not the case. Gslot Casino is surprisingly stacked when it comes to table games, and especially live casino games.

Gslot's live casino is why it got the spot on this list. This is a perfect casino for anyone who wants to play live roulette.

Their live games come from multiple game providers, which means that each has their own way of making a live roulette table. Every studio has their own game types, own versions and own bet levels for each.

Play on Gslot Casino »


Rizk is a mobile-friendly online roulette casino

Rizk is a smooth mobile-friendly online casino that is easy to use.

Rizk is not the biggest casino when it comes to roulette games. They do have them, but other sites on this list have more. But that is not why I have included Rizk on this list.

Rizk is a casino that suits beginners and mobile players. It is clean, smooth and easy, key features for a new online player or for someone who plays on a smaller screen.

What Rizk lacks in numbers, it makes up for in usability and access.

Play on Rizk Casino »


Novibet casino has multiple french and european roulettes

Novibet is a jack of all trades when it comes to games.

I always like to bring in one casino that is a versatile casino site with something for everyone, and Novibet is my choice here.

Being a versatile site means that they cover all bases when it comes to online gambling. This does mean that they have plenty of online roulette, both regular and live.

The casino does get extra points for their fast and smooth design. Here, it's easy to find what you are looking for, a feature that is surprisingly important especially to newer players.

Novibet does market itself as a sports betting site, but you don't have to care about that. Their casino is big enough for it to stand alone.

Play on Novibet Casino »


Arlekin Casino is filled to the brim with roulette tables

Arlekin is a roulette casino for crypto-players.

Arlekin Casino is a huge site with thousands upon thousands of games. This means that they are packed with table games like roulettes.

Arlekin operates under the Curaçao gambling license, which means they have access to some game developers not often seen in Canadian casinos.

What makes this casino stand out, apart from their games, is their deposit and withdrawal methods. This is a great option for an online roulette site for those who like to use cryptocurrencies to play.

Play on Arlekin Casino »

How We Rate the Best Online Roulette Sites

Looking at roulette sites specifically, we focus on their games. Roulette games, both regular and live casino versions are taken into account, and if anything is missing, we let you know.

To be a good roulette site, there must be multiple roulette variants, preferrably from more than one game provider. Then the roulette games must load up quickly and work without stuttering. The gameplay must be smooth.

We test and rate all online casinos on Bojoko with an unbiased view, and this includes roulette sites. We strive to be as impartial as possible when reviewing a casino site, so that we could show truthfully what it is like to play there.

We have a long check-list and roulette games are in it.

When it comes to casinos in general, everything starts with testing the site just like a regular player would. Our experts create an account, test how the games work and experience the site first-hand.

We go through a long list of items that we check on each site and compile that data into a score.

You can read more in-depth about how we rate our casinos and how the review process works on our online casino ratings page.

How To Play Roulette

Roulette is an easy game and anyone can learn how to play roulette. The gameplay is extremely simple, and the only difficult part is understanding all the available bets on the felt.

A round of online roulette can be boiled down to these steps

  1. Choose the value of your betting chips
  2. Place the bets you want for this round
  3. Croupier spins the roulette wheel and drops the ball
  4. All bets that match the random number win

It is just that simple. All you need to know what bets are possible, and which of them are the ones you should be playing. You can make multiple bets on one round, which lets you cover more numbers.

Our how to play roulette page will go even deeper into the rules and betting options.

Here are all the basic bets you can make.

Bets you can make in online roulette

The is the simplest bet to make, just choose a number and place your chip on it. If that number comes up, you win.

The odds of winning are as low as it can go, but winning with this bet pays well.

Straight up covers only 1 number and pays 35:1.

These bets are all the same, but cover a different amount of numbers. You can place your chip in between two, three or four numbers and bet on each one. If any of the touching numbers are called, you win.

The more numbers you choose the better odds you have, but also lower payout at the same rate.

Split covers 2 numbers, pays 17:1, trio is 3 with 11:1 and corner is 4 numbers with 8:1 pay.

These bets work the same way. You bet on the outer edge of a row of numbers, signalling that you bet on each of them. Street is o row of numbers, while Line is two rows.

Street has the same odds and payout as Trio, which also covers three numbers.

Steet is 3 numbers paying 11:1 and line is 6 numbers paying 5:1.

Now we are covering even more ground. These are two names for the same bet, which is those three groups on the side of the felt. Each is 12 numbers big and covers either the first, the second or the third dozen, or 1/3 of the numbers. These are 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36.

This bet is 12 numbers and the payout is 2:1.

These bets are very famous and even those who don't play roulette know about them. They are very self-explanatory and the name already tells you what they cover. You either choose all odd or even numbers, or black or red numbers. You can bet on both types at the same time if you choose to.

Both bets cover 18 numbers and only pay out 1:1.

Key Factors of Top Roulette Casinos

When you browse roulette casinos, you should pay attention to these key factors. They will let you know if that site is a good online roulette casino.

While there are plenty of preferences and features players like, these are the important parts.

Safety & the Licence

Safety and security are extremely important features. This is something where you don't want to make any sacrifices. Your personal information and money must be kept safe.

It may not always be easy to know which encryption methods or security features a casino has, but a great place to start is by checking their gambling licence.

To get a good gambling licence, a casino must fill out specific prerequisites when it comes to player safety. Some licensing bodies are stricter than others, which is why things like the Malta Gaming Authority license are highly valued.

Selection of Roulette Games

The more the merrier is what I say about roulette games. There can never be too many of them, and a good roulette site has a varied selection for their Canadian customers.

Normally, you can expect a couple of regular tables and a dozen or two live casino versions. This is not yet anything great, though it is a fine start.

When you look for a top roulette casino, you want there to be several computer-run tables and the live section to be hitting the hundreds. French, European, speed roulette, auto roulette multi-ball, multi-table, real dealer and many other types of roulettes should all be available.

Roulette Bonuses

Play online roulette with real money

The key factor we look for in the best roulette bonuses is that you can either use the bonus directly in roulette games or wager it with roulette with a full contribution.

Bonuses are an important feature on casinos but getting a good roulette bonus is not a simple thing. They are often designed for slots only.

When wagering most bonuses, you are allowed to play roulette, but you only contribute around 10%. Obviously, this is not good.

Some bonuses even say that you can't play table games at all, or prohibit certain bets, like consecutive use of 1:1 bets.

Pick a a good roulette bonus from our bonus page, and it lets you actually play the way you want and win with that bonus money.

Live Roulette

Playing on your own against a computer can be fun, and especially fast. But sometimes you want a more social experience, which is where live roulette comes in.

Live casinos, and therefore live roulettes, are common on Canadian online roulette casinos. But what we are looking for is the quality and especially quantity of options. The key factor here is that a player can take a pick from different types of roulette games and find a bet level that is perfect for them.

Payment Methods

Depositing and withdrawing must be easy and reliable. A top-tier online roulette site must have plenty of options, and those options need to be good.

Having card payments, online deposits, mobile-friendly methods and eWallets is a good start. This way we can all use our preferred way of depositing.

There is also one little thing that we also check, and that is the terms. There is some fine print to depositing and withdrawing, and to be a great roulette site, these terms must be fair.

Low House Edge

One of the key selling points of roulette is its low house edge compared to many other games. Though, not all roulettes are created equal regarding their return to player value.

A great roulette casino is one that has tables with a low house edge, meaning that the player has a better chance of winning.

One thing an online casino can do is to offer the best roulette variants which come with lower house edge. For example, French Roulette is the go-to option for players looking for the best odds.

If you want to play any of the non-standard roulette games, like Mini Roulette or Roulette Royale, it is good to take a look at what the house edge is and compare it to at least European Roulette.

Mobile Roulette

Gambling has gone mobile and players are constantly moving towards playing only on their phones and tablets. Because of this, Canadians need their casinos to be mobile-friendly.

Mobile roulette is a feature we want to see on an online casino and require it if you want to call yourself a top-tier casino.

Top roulette casinos offer a large number of games both for the desktop player as well as the mobile player. There are even some casinos that are built with a mobile-first attitude. Whatever your preference is, we want to see you being able to play that way.

New Roulette Sites

Here you can find all the new roulette sites we have reviewed on Bojoko.

Sure, most online casinos have a roulette of some kind, which also means that you get a lot of new casinos to choose from.

Take a look at the new roulette sites below, or check out the list of new casino sites on Bojoko.

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Why To Play Roulette Online

Playing roulette online is better than offline in most cases. Back in the day people liked more social surroundings and liked to play with strangers. Nowadays, that is not the case. People now want easier access and privacy.

The options have become nearly limitless when it comes to online roulette. But you still might be wondering, why exactly would you choose online casinos?

Here are some key differences why you would want to play roulette online.

When you look at the list, it all comes down to comfort and choice. Online roulette just has more options available and they are much easier to access than brick-and-mortar casinos.

The reality is that not all of us can easily pop to our local casino and play a few rounds. But with online roulette, any adult can open a website, sign up and play.

Variations of Roulette Casino Games

There are different roulette variations on online casinos, and here are their differences. We will now focus on the three big roulette variants, which are the base for most regular roulette games online.

French Roulette, European Roulette and American Roulette are the base game that most online roulettes operate on. These are also the roulette versions you come across in brick-and-mortar casinos.

French Roulette

French single zero roulette wheel

French Roulette is the bee's knees. This is the best roulette variant you can play, as it has extra features that are better for the player.

First things first, the French Roulette wheel has only one zero sector, just like the European version. But unlike European Roulette, if the ball lands on zero, you don't automatically lose.

The big thing about the French variant are the La Partage and the En Prison features. These come into play if you hit zero.

La Partage means that you will get half of your bet back in case the ball lands in the zero sector. En Prison means you get your whole bet back if you win the next round.

Adding these features increases the return to player value on 1:1 bets from 97.30% to 98.65%.

European Roulette

European roulette wheel

European Roulette is the most common roulette variant and is generally considered the standard version. This is the roulette game most people know about and have played.

Just like the French version, the European roulette wheel has only one zero. Though, this time the game does not feature any special rules regarding the zero sector, and it is simply a regular loss for a player.

European Roulette is always a fine choice. It is a fair game with easy basic rules. It may lack those little French helper features, but it still comes with a low house edge on bets.

The return to player is a solid 97.30%, which is the standard for roulette games.

American Roulette

American double zero roulette wheel

American Roulette is a game you should avoid. This variant was originally created by greedy Vegas casino operators, and there is no upside to playing it over, say the French or European variants.

The big difference is the double zero sector. This may not seem much, but it increases the house edge noticeably. Put in numbers, the return to player value drops from 97.30% to 94.74%.

It is possible to come across triple zero tables in Las Vegas. These are basically a joke, and no self-respecting player or a casino would touch these.

Alternative Casino Table Games Online

Here are some alternative table games for you to play on online casinos.

Though roulette is a fun and interesting game, it is not the only table game that is available online. You can find plenty of good alternatives, and here are some of our favourites.


Blackjack is a popular table game online and offers different kind of gameplay

Blackjack is one of the more popular online table games.

At its core, blackjack is a simple card game where you need to get as close to 21 without going over. All players and the dealer get two cards and they can ask for more. At the end of the round, who is closest to 21 wins.

But blackjack is so much more than just this. Blackjack is one of, if not the most strategic table game available online. You have plenty of strategies, betting patterns and tactics at your disposal to change how the game plays out.

If you are looking for a more hands-on type of a table game, then blackjack is perfect for you.


Baccarat is a good alternative for roulette

Baccarat is leisurely card game with a different approach.

Baccarat is a straightforward game, as you don't make any gameplay decisions yourself. Your task is to bet on which will win the hand the player or the banker. You can compare it the base game to betting on red or black in roulette.

There is obviously more to baccarat than just that. Different game variants have even more bets available, going much deeper into guessing the exact outcome of the game.

Baccarat is a very social game, as you don't need to make any big decisions, you can easily chat with other players.


Yes, you can play roulette online for real money. Roulette is a very common game on Canadian online casinos, which means you have several different roulette versions easily available.

Playing roulette online for real money is easy. Just pick an online casino you like, sign up, deposit money into your casino account and start playing. If you win, you can withdraw your winnings back to your own bank account.

Yes, online roulette can be trusted. If you play on a licensed online casino, and thus, play a roulette game that comes from a licensed game developer, you can trust the game.

Online casinos are under strict scrutiny. The licensing bodies require that the games are honest and the casinos operate in a safe and trustworthy manner.

Yes, it is possible to win in online roulette. The roulette games you find on licensed online casinos are fair and honest. You can win online just the same as you would on a fair casino offline.

The odds of winning may vary depending on the roulette game you choose and your own play style. Anything you win online can be withdrawn to your own bank account.

The best roulette online casino is Videoslots. They have so many options for Canadian players that anyone can find their favourite roulette version there.

Videoslots is hailed as one of, if not the largest online casino in Canada. They have tons of games in all categories and the site has been in business since 2011.


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