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Learn all about Plinko gambling and discover the best Plinko gambling sites in Canada. Learning how to play Plinko is easy, and here, we show you how the game works, let you in on the Plinko strategies and explain the different features.

Plinko game started out small, but now, online Plinko gambling is a real thing that you can do on Canadian casinos.

Plinko casinos in Canada

We have gathered here the best Plinko casinos in Canada. You can learn what makes a good Plinko online casino and what you need to look out for.

Our experts have rated and reviewed all the casinos you find here on Bojoko. By reading our reviews, you can find the right casino for you and enjoy the finest Plinko casino game options.

Below, you can find the list of Canadian online casinos that have Plinko games.

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Best online Plinko casinos in Canada

Best Plinko casinos

Plinko games can be found on many casinos, but here are some of the best Plinko gambling sites we have reviewed. These are all excellent choices for Canadian players.

Here are the hand-picked top 5 Plinko casinos:

🏅 Videoslots

Videoslots is the best Plinko casino in Canada

Videoslots is the best Plinko casino in Canada.

Videoslots has become famous for having one of the largest game libraries of any online casino. And this does mean that they have a couple of Plinko games in there as well.

But games are not the only reason why Videoslots is so popular. They have built a solid casino with plenty of deposit methods, good customer support and solid bonus offers for new and old players.

You can clearly see how well Videoslots stands out from the rest when you look at the Bojoko casino rating. This is way above what most casinos get.

🎁 Bonus 100%/C$200 + 11 wager-free bonus spins
❌ Cons The site looks old
✅ Pros Huge game library, plenty of deposit methods, great customer support

play on Videoslots »

🏅 LeoVegas

LeoVegas is a top-tier Plinko gambling site in Canada

LeoVegas is the best all-rounder Plinko casino.

LeoVegas excels in being a one-stop shop for all online gambling needs, which does include Plinko games. LeoVegas's Plinko selection is not the largest, but they do have an exclusive LeoVegas Plinko from the developer Gaming Corps.

One of the big reasons why we like to recommend LeoVegas is their innovative style of providing the best gambling experience. They pioneered the modern style mobile casino and have kept on improving their site for the best possible user experience.

Just like any other site, LeoVegas does have their shortcomings as well. One is the bonus offer, which is generally seen as confusing and lesser in value.

🎁 Bonus 100% reward up to C$500 + 100 bonus spins
❌ Cons Complicated bonus offer
✅ Pros Well-built casino site, fast verification, the casino has everything

play on LeoVegas »

🏅 has plenty of unique Plinko casino games has multiple Plinko games available. is a great option for Plinko players, as they have a good number of more unique Plinko games. For example, they have Easter Plinko from bGaming and Plinko from Spribe, which are not often seen on other casinos.

The casino is mobile-friendly and easy for new players. One of the bigger draws is their clean casino design, which works amazingly well on both desktop computers as well as mobile devices.

And as an added perk, is a crypto-friendly Plinko gambling site.

🎁 Bonus 100%/C300 + up to 150 bonus spins
❌ Cons Poor live casino selection
✅ Pros Lots of slots, works great on mobile, clean and easy casino site

play on »

🏅 Scatters

Scatters has a great Plinko bonus

Scatters has a great Plinko bonus.

Scatters is a strong candidate on our list of top Plinko casinos for Canadians. They have both a nice selection of Plinko games, as well as a bonus that works with Plinko.

The reason why we chose Scatters on this list is the money-back guarantee bonus offer they have for new players. They will give you your deposit back up to C$25 if you don't double your money within the first day. Unlike many other bonus offers, this offer can be used with Plinko.

The bonus is not the only good thing going for Scatters. They have a clean casino design, lots of good games and effective customer support to boot.

🎁 Bonus C$25 money-back guarantee
❌ Cons Some deposit methods may cause issues when withdrawing
✅ Pros Simplistic and beautiful, great game library, bonus is unique

play on Scatters »

🏅 PlayOJO

PlayOJO is the home of the Plinko online casino game

PlayOJO is a player-friendly Plinko site.

PlayOJO has been popular with Canadian players because of their player-friendly way of doing things. Everything they do, they do with the idea of what is good for the player.

You can see this when you check how the casino looks and feels, how the game library is built, how the customer support works, and also what the bonus offer looks like.

PlayOJO's bonus is a treat, as it gives you wager-free spins. What you win from these spins can be used on Plinko games without worrying about bonus wagering contributions.

🎁 Bonus Up to 50 no-wagering bonus spins
❌ Cons Verification can't be done in advance
✅ Pros Tons of great games, easy to use, beginner-friendly

play on PlayOJO »

How we rate Plinko gambling sites

When we test Plinko gambling sites, we rate them on factors that matter most to the players.

These rating factors include:

Our experts test and review all the gambling sites you find here on Bojoko. We go through everything and see how the casino is from the players' point of view. As a result, our Canada casino reviews are accurate and transparent.

Bojoko is an award-winning gambling comparison site. Our trustworthy and unbiased rating system has garnered praise from the players and industry experts.

What is Plinko?

Plinko is a simple game where you try to drop balls into specific winning slots

Plinko is a simple vertical board game where you drop a ball or a disc from the top, and it bounces down the board into a slot at the bottom. The slot it lands in determines if you win or lose.

Plinko comes from a centuries-old line of games that are based on the same idea. Other games in this family include bagatelle, pinball, Peggle and the highly popular Japanese pachinko. The goal, the scoring and the table may differ, but the idea of balls bouncing off pegs is the same.

Compared to the other games, Plinko is a newcomer to the genre. It was invented in the late 1970s and made its debut in the Price is Right television show in 1983. The contestants and the audience loved it, and it was quickly adapted into home versions.

Mechanically, Plinko is a very simple game. The board is filled with evenly spaced pegs, and the ball falls down the board, bouncing around from one peg to the next. You can't affect the way the ball is dropped, and the result is purely random.

For the mathematically inclined, Plinko results follow the normal distribution bell curve.

What is the best Plinko strategy

The best Plinko strategy on an online casino is to play responsibly and keep your bankroll in check. This is because Plinko is a game of chance, and there is no significant strategic element in it.

There is no Plinko strategy you can use to win.

That being said, there is something you can do that will affect how the game plays out. You can adjust the board and the volatility, which have a clear impact on short-term results.

If you are the type of player who likes big swings, you should set the volatility to high. This results in more negative rounds, but the payouts are bigger when you do hit one. If you like to play slow and steady, then low volatility is for you. With this setting, the losses are smaller, but so are the wins.

How to play Plinko casino game?

To play Plinko casino game, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  • 1. Pick a casino from our list of top Plinko sites
  • 2. Start a Plinko gambling game of your choice
  • 3. Adjust the number of rows, game volatility and bet size to your liking
  • 4. Choose how many balls are dropped on each round
  • 5. Hit the start button

You can adjust multiple different features in Plinko games

It is just that easy. Plinko is a simple game, and learning how to play Plinko game online is a breeze.

So, everything starts with you choosing a casino. We have listed some great choices on top of this page, but you can also check out our casino sites page for more options.

When choosing a Plinko game online, you have a handful of great choices. Finding them is very easy, as they all have Plinko in their name. You can just search with that word and they will all come up.

Then it's time to adjust the game to your liking. You can change the number of rows, the volatility of the game, bet size for each ball and how many balls are dropped in one round. These are all personal preferences, and you can play around with the settings to find what you like.

When all that is done, you can just hit the start button and watch the balls tumble down. Some Plinko games allow you to hit the start button again and again while the previous balls are still dropping.

When the balls reach the bottom, they land in a slot with a payout marked on it. That is how much you will win for that ball. The best outcome is for the balls to reach the outermost slots which have the biggest wins.

Different features

Online Plinko games have a few settings that you can adjust to make the game feel the way you want. These features can be adjusted every round.

Here are the different features you can change:

Autoplay Choose how many balls are dropped in each round
Bet size Adjust the wager you want for each ball
Rows Select how many rows of pins are in the game
Volatility Pick the volatility level, which determines the payout for each slot

The two most important settings are the number of rows and the volatility of the game. Increasing these will make the wins bigger but also rarer.

The volatility setting will increase the payout gap between the negative slots and the positive slots. With high volatility, you will lose more often, but when you do win, the win is bigger.

The number of rows will increase the amount of slots at the bottom of the pyramid. The wider the pyramid, the bigger the wins are at the very ends. The further you go, the smaller the odds of hitting those slots get.

Plinko odds & payout

Plinko's odds and payouts are based on a simple mathematical model, which is known as normal distribution. This is what it means in practice.

Online Plinko games are triangle-shaped, and the balls all come from one singular point. The even distribution of the pegs means that with each row, the odds of the ball ending up in the furthest slot get smaller.

The centre slots are always negative, while the outmost slots have the biggest wins.

For example, on an 8-row Plinko board, roughly 70% of all drops will end up in a negative slot, 23% of the drops will be neutral, and only 7% of drops will be positive. The higher your volatility is, the larger the gap is between the negative and positive payout.

This is where you need to calculate if the higher payout is enough to cover the negative results of each round. As the negatives are never zero, but often only half of your bet, even a smaller positive payout is enough to cover it.

Adjusting the game settings changes the Plinko payouts and odds

Here you can see the payouts from Gaming Corps's Plinko game on a low-volatility setting and how additional rows impact them.

The top end of the bell curve, where most balls will end up, is always on a negative or neutral slot. The more slots there are, the further away the big payouts are and the bigger they can safely be.

The 10-row version does seem to stand out with its 25x win on the end, but the odds are already so low with that slot that the negative and neutral slots will cover the difference. In this example, there is only a 2% chance of getting a ball to at least the 8x slot.

And this is the bottom line of the game. The payouts may look very different with each setting, but the long-term odds are always the same. The mathematical models are calculated in a way that, with enough rounds, the casino will always win the same amount.

What makes a good Plinko casino?

What makes a good Plinko casino is basically the same as what makes a good online casino in general. Security, usability and trustworthiness are all key features on every casino.

But with Plinko, here are things you should be specifically looking for:

Having a lot of games is a good starting point. The more games a casino has, the chance of having good Plinko options increases. Quality is always better than quantity, but if you have thousands upon thousands of games, you are more likely to have good games in there. If you pick a casino with the most games, you can quickly search how many Plinko games they have.

With bonus offers, it is important to check out if the bonus can be used on Plinko. Many casinos categorize Plinko into ‘Other Games', which have a wagering contribution of 0%. By choosing a no-wagering bonus, you can be sure the bonus works on Plinko.

With banking, you want the casino to have multiple transfer methods available and that they are fast and free. Using instant withdrawal methods is a great start. Just make sure you pick a casino that does not have any fees added.

With these options in mind, you can find yourself a good Plinko online casino in no time.

Crypto Plinko

Crypto casinos have been very popular in Canada, which has also given rise to crypto Plinko. As the name implies, crypto Plinko is about playing Plinko using cryptocurrencies.

Plinko has been a surprise hit on these bitcoin gambling sites. The large number of Malta-licenced game providers means that there are plenty of options when it comes to Plinko games. In addition to the regular Plinko games, crypto sites often have popular mini-games on them, where you can find more Plinkos. Easy access and quick gameplay have made them player-favourites.

Mechanically speaking, playing bitcoin Plinko is no different from playing with dollars. The game works the same even if you make crypto deposits.

Here are some of the best casinos where you can play Plinko with crypto:


You can play Plinko with bitcoin on Casombie

Casombie is the best crypto Plinko casino.

Casombie is a unique casino site that looks like no other. They have embraced the zombie theme and really used it to their advantage.

In addition to just looking cool, the casino does have a solid design and a ton of games. Their Plinko selection is also nice, giving you plenty of options.

One of the big draws, and in a way, drawbacks, is their welcome bonus system. You have seven different bonus offers available, which can be confusing. Sure, they are designed so that everyone has a bonus that is best fitted for them, but it can be overwhelming at first.

Casombie has numerous cryptocurrencies available, and depositing and withdrawing are made easy.

🎁 Bonus 100% / C$750 + 100 bonus spins
❌ Cons Heavy bonus wagering, too many welcome bonuses
✅ Pros Lots of welcome bonuses, cool theme, excellent game library

play on Casombie »

Wolfy Casino

Wolfy Casino has multiple online crypto Plinko games

Wolfy Casino has a large crypto Plinko library.

Wolfy Casino is a massive site. They have tons of games in every category, and what makes it stand out is just how much variety they have. It's not all just slots.

For Plinko players, this means that they have several different Plinko varieties from multiple game providers.

As for the crypto side of Wolfy, they have succeeded here as well. There are about half a dozen coins that you can use, and the process is highly optimized.

🎁 Bonus 100% / C$200 wager-free bonus
❌ Cons Sticky bonus, withdrawals take a while to get processed
✅Pros No bonus wagering, tons of games, good variety

play on Wolfy Casino »


HappyHugo is an easy-to-use crypto Plinko gambling site

HappyHugo is an easy-to-use crypto casino.

HappyHugo is not your average casino. They have created a simple and charming gambling site that caters to newer players. Sure, the site is big enough for experienced players as well, but the design is very approachable.

Like most crypto casinos, HappyHugo is loaded with games. For Plinko players, this means that there are a couple of solid games in there as well.

But the reason we wanted to recommend HappyHugo is their solid performance in everything. Even their worst aspects are in line with average casinos, and what they are good at goes above and beyond.

🎁 Bonus 100% / C$300 + 50 bonus spins
❌ Cons Only a few cryptocurrencies available, limited support hours
✅ Pros Plenty of games, fun casino theme, strong all-rounder

play on HappyHugo »


Plinko is a game where a ball is dropped on a board, and it bounces around, ending up in a random slot with a marked payout.

Plinko was first introduced in the Price is Right TV show and has since been adapted into all possible forms, including online gambling.

The game is based on bagatelle, which is also the predecessor of pinball and pachinko.

Yes, you can play Plinko in online casinos. Most online casinos in Canada have at least one or two Plinko games available.

Plinko online games are widespread in Canadian casinos. The number of different Plinko games is still fairly low, but the games are from popular providers, which makes them readily available.

Yes, Plinko gambling is legit. Plinko is a real form of online gambling that is played on online casinos in Canada.

Every Plinko online game on a reputable casino goes through the same auditing process that all other games do. The games are fair, and the odds of winning are clearly stated.

To play Plinko casino game, you just need to pick a casino, open the game, adjust the settings to your liking and then hit start.

Plinko is a simple game, and it is easy to learn how to play Plinko online.

The best Plinko casino in Canada is Videoslots. They are a great gambling option for every occasion, and you can find Plinko games in their library as well.

Another great Plinko online casino is LeoVegas. They aim to give you the best all-around casino experience, which includes Plinko.

Yes, you can play Plinko with crypto. Canadian players have access to plenty of crypto casinos, and those casinos offer multiple Plinko games.

Playing Plinko with crypto works exactly the same as any other Plinko game. Your deposits and withdrawals are just in crypto rather than in Canadian Dollars.

Yes, there is a way to win at Plinko, but it is all based on randomness. You don't have a direct way of affecting the result of a round, but you can tweak the game settings so it plays the way you want.

Playing Plinko with high-volatility settings feels very different from low-volatility Plinko. Finding the sweet spot is the way to win at Plinko.


Check out the best Plinko casinos


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