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Best mobile casino [Canada]

By Ville Saari. Updated:

Bojoko helps you find the best mobile casinos. Did you know you are actually carrying a mobile casino with you almost all the time? Mobile casinos allow you to play your favorite slot games almost anywhere. The only thing you need is your mobile device and an internet connection.

From Bojoko, you can find all mobile casinos and casino apps using our unique search tool!

Explore the best real money casino apps

Nearly every casino can be used with a mobile phone, but some might not be worth your time. The selection of quality mobile online casinos today is very comprehensive and we help you find the one that's best for you.

Our list will provide you all casinos that have their own casino app or has a good mobile casino site. Use this list by choosing the quick filters or create your customer filter.

  1. 100%/C$200 + 11 bonus spins
    1st deposit bonus
    Mr Vegas casino review »
    1st deposit bonus 100%/C$200 + 11 bonus spins
    No deposit bonus -
    Bonus code -
    Mobile casino Yes
    Number of mobile games 5800
    Mr Vegas is gaming galore incarnate. This is a casino full of the greatest games available online and their selection just keeps growing day by day. Mr Vegas first launched i... Mr Vegas casino review »
    Play here » New Canadian players only. Minimum deposit: C$10. Wagering requirement: 35x. Free spins must be claimed withing 24 hours of deposit. Deposit bonus must be activated within 30 days. Bonus is paid in 10% increments to your account while you wager. You have 60 days to complete the wagering. Bet limit while wagering: 50% or deposit or C$20. Full terms and Bonus apply. Play responsibly.
  2. 100%/C$375 + 100 bonus spins
    1st deposit bonus
    Kakadu Casino review »
    1st deposit bonus 100%/C$375 + 100 bonus spins
    No deposit bonus -
    Bonus code -
    Mobile casino Yes
    Number of mobile games 3800
    Spread your wings and glide down to paradise. Kakadu Casino is a tropical casino that gives you room to fly. Founded in 2021, Kakadu Casino is a user-friendly online casino t... Kakadu Casino review »
    Play here » New players only. Minimum deposit for each bonus: C$30. Wagering requirement: 40x. Max. bet while wagering: C$8. Max. conversion from free spins: C$225. Free spin activation duration: 3 days. Full and Bonus apply. Play responsibly.

Read more about mobile casinos

Here, you will find all the information about playing on mobile online casinos. What they are, what to look for and which ones are worth your time.

Learn all there is to know about mobile casinos:

Find the best mobile casino on Bojoko

Bojoko helps you find the best mobile casinos

Players have different preferences when it comes to playing casino games on mobile devices. Different players prefer different features and selecting the right mobile online casino is not always that easy.

We can help you with that decision, as we have created a unique search tool that you can utilize and filter out various features of casinos. You won't find a search tool like this anywhere else than Bojoko.

Our goal is to give you a clear picture of what it is like to play at these casinos. Our experts play on them with real money, test all the services, verify withdrawals and then review them. We find it important to make sure that we know that the casino will pay out all the winnings.

Find the best mobile casinos

Why play on mobile online casinos?

There are many real money casino apps availabel in Canada.

Almost every online casino these days has a decent mobile casino. The use of mobile casinos worldwide and in Canada has grown remarkably in recent years. Pretty much every one of us carries a mobile casino in our pockets these days.

This in itself is not surprising, because casino apps and mobile casinos offer convenience and accessibility that is much better than on desktop computers. They are portable and can be accessed anywhere as long as you have access to the Internet. 

Here are a few reasons why you should consider trying mobile casinos:

Real money casino apps or playing in a browser?

There are two different ways to play in mobile online casinos.

  1. Mobile browser
  2. Mobile casino apps

We can say that pretty much every online casino today work directly in your mobile browser. Casino apps are not necessary, but there are still many mobile casinos that have their own casino apps.

Why play with mobile casino apps?

Some established online casino brands offer dedicated apps and most of the time they do bring improvement in user experience.

This is reflected in better navigation, as applications are usually designed for better user experience and better navigation is a big part of this experience. Mobile apps are also a bit faster to load different pages than your browser, where you might have other tabs open on the side etc.

Quicker login is also a small, but the surprisingly nice advantage over the browser, as you might be able to set an automatic login with the app.

These casinos have the best mobile casino apps available:

How to find mobile casinos

Find a mobile casino from our list

1. Find a mobile casino from our list

We have gathered a massive list of mobile casinos here on Bojoko. You can use ready-made quick filters or apply your personal filters to find the perfect casino just for you.

Read the reviews from experts and users

2. Read the reviews from experts and users

After you have chosen a casino to play on mobile, you can read what our experts and other users have said about that casino. These personal experiences will show you what it's like to play there.

Go to the casino

3. Go to the casino

Every review page has a green ‘PLAY HERE' button that will take you straight to the casino. It will also activate any special offers that we may have for that casino.

Register and play

4. Register and play

When you get to the casino, you need to register an account. Just fill out the required information and you are good to go. Deposit money to your account and play your favourite games.

Find mobile casinos

Do mobile operating systems matter?

It doesn't really matter which operating system your device is using. In today's world, we are mostly speaking about Android or iOS. All the casinos that have casino apps, do offer them for both of these operating systems.

This is why you can't really tell which is the best casino app for android or the best casino app for iOS. All top casino apps are available for both systems and are equally as good. 

Android casino & iOS casino

The Android operating system was launched in 2007 and since it's been growing steadily to become the biggest mobile operating system in the world. Globally Android's market share is roughly 75% but in Canada, the situation is slightly different. According to Statcounter, in March 2021 iOS had the biggest market share in Canada by 53,25%. 

When mobile gambling started, Android was the OS of choice, but that has changed. Both Android and iOS users can now enjoy casino games equally, either using a browser or downloading a casino app. No matter which system you are using, there are plenty of options for Android casinos and iOS casinos.

Easy steps to follow:

  1. Use your smartphone or tablet (Android, iPhone, iPad)
  2. Find your preferred Android or iOS casino 
  3. Ensure the reliability of the casino
  4. Play in a browser or download the app
  5. Make your deposit using easy mobile payment methods
  6. Enjoy the experience

Canadian mobile casino bonuses

Mobile casinos are no different when it comes to the best online casino bonuses. It doesn't matter whether you play on a desktop or on mobile, you will still get the same offers.

Casino bonuses work in a way that you will have extra money to play with. A mobile casino bonus is only a bonus that you will get playing on your mobile device. Bonuses will usually get you around 100% to 500% extra compared to your initial deposit. This doesn't change if you play in a mobile casino, but there might be some additional perks and advantages if you do use a mobile device.

Some casinos are still actively trying to move players to their mobile site. This is mainly because of the competition. Some casinos already have a fantastic mobile casino offering and other casinos want to match it and show players that they also do. This might mean exclusive mobile offers such as:

Try New mobile casinos 2023

Especially new casinos are known to focus more on mobile usage and treating mobile players better. We can say that all new online casinos are very mobile-friendly.

We have listed every new mobile casino published for Canadians in 2023. You can return to our mobile casino selection tool here and apply the New mobile casinos quick filter.

Mobile casino games

Mobile casinos have pretty much the same game selection as desktop versions these days. Some casinos, mostly the lesser quality casinos can't yet offer all games on mobile also, but the gap is smaller and smaller each day.

Mobile casinos are so well designed that some of the games can very well be more enjoyable and more stylish on mobile devices. Especially newer casino games are always designed with the latest technology and it's only the very old games that don't work so well on mobile. So, if you are thinking what mobile casino games you can play, here you go:

Banking methods for mobile casinos

Money transfers and their reliability are always important to consider when playing at any casino. All mobile casinos listed on Bojoko can be considered trustworthy and reliable as they have the necessary licenses and track records to show it. 

Playing in the top Canadian mobile casinos is easy, as all transactions can be made with the best and easiest mobile banking methods such as credit cards, online bank transfer, or e-wallets.

The amount of mobile payments is increasing all the time and casinos are starting to address this as well. In 2020 in Canada, according to Statista, 29% of all online purchases were made with digital wallets or other mobile payment systems. The same trend is happening in mobile casino gaming, as modern baking applications like all of the following, are making it really convenient to transfer money to gaming accounts.


Interac is one of the most popular digital wallets In Canada and Interac casinos have grown in popularity massively. The company was founded in 1985 and the headquarters is located in Toronto. Interac offers seamless deposits and withdraws which take only one click to complete. 


One of the handiest mobile payment apps these days for online casinos is MuchBetter. There is a growing number of MuchBetter casinos out there at the moment and the service offers seamless transactions with speed and safety with all mobile devices.


Many casinos offer the iDebit payment method, which allows you to transfer money directly from your bank account. You need to log in with your bank credentials and you don't need to use your credit card details. You can read more here: iDebit casinos.


Instadebit is also an easy way to deposit or withdraw money from your casino account. You simply need to select this option from the online casino, log in to your Instadebit account, and make the transfer. Instadebit is widely used in Canada and it is expected that all new mobile casinos will accept this method as well in the future. Feel free to read more here: Instadebit casinos.

The downside to these options (iDebit & Instadebit) is they usually charge a small C$1,95 fee for each transfer. 


Paypal has been the top mobile payment method for quite some time already. Paypal app is an easy way of making transfers in online casinos and there are a decent number of Paypal casinos in Canada as well.


Skrill can't really be left out when speaking about e-wallets and mobile payment methods. Skrill is one of the most used electronic payment methods for casinos and they have optimized it well for mobile also. Read more about Skrill casinos here.


EcoPayz is actually one of the oldest online payment services and it works equally as well on mobile. EcoPayz is getting more and more accepted in online casinos and it suits mobile casino players exceptionally well. You can read more about them here: EcoPayz casinos.

Mobile casino usage is growing rapidly

The future looks bright for mobile players, as technologies are developing at rapid speed. Better solutions for mobile gambling are constantly being developed and operators definitely have a "mobile-first" attitude. The best casino software providers have realized that without a solid mobile casino, they will fall behind. Providers like NetEnt have taken this trend very seriously and developed one of the best mobile products that really stand out. 

Megatrend drives development

Megatrend is a trend that has an affect on a global scale and is driving majority of people how they behave or operate. Using mobile devices and technology is one of those megatrends at the moment. In Canada, it is projected that 33.84 million people by 2025 are using the internet with their mobile phones. This is way over 80% of the whole population which is growing steadily in Canada.

We can quite comfortably say that almost everyone has access to mobile internet these days. Most likely elderly people are the ones representing the part of the population not using mobile internet yet. The younger generation is using mobile phones for everything and is more interested in playing casino games with their phones as well.

This development is driving many industries forward and online gambling is definitely one of them. The mobile gambling market itself has been estimated to grow at the rate of 19% annually from 2017-2021, which is partly due to better mobile platforms and more attractive casinos, but mainly because of the overall increase of technological use. This will push the operators to develop even better mobile casinos and applications. We can only expect better and improved new mobile casinos to appear in the Canadian market in the coming years.

Why mobile apps are not everyone's favorite?

As mentioned before, apps are not always necessary as many mobile casinos work so well in browsers. Casino apps always require storage space from your device as well.

Be it your smartphone or iPad, you need to give up space to install the casino app. This, of course, eats up space from other applications and might make your device slightly slower. Players don't always want to stick with one casino all the time either, so downloading one might seem a bit pointless in that case. 

It's not so easy to find online casino apps these days and there is a simple reason for that. Legislations and regulations in many countries do not allow real money casino apps to be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS). Gambling products are mostly hidden and can only be downloaded directly from casinos' own websites.

Mobile casinos and responsible gaming

Development makes everything easier for people and this also applies to casinos. Mobile devices make casino gaming very easy anywhere, anytime. This also increases your risks that you should be aware of.

It's very good that things get easier and more convenient, but remember that when games are more accessible, it can also make you gamble more and possibly lose more. Over-time players always lose more than they win. The more you play, the higher the chances are that you will lose.

Remember to keep a watchful eye over your gambling habits. Easy access and fast services lower the threshold of depositing.


Mobile casinos are normal online casinos where you can play using your mobile device. You can access mobile casinos with your smartphone or tablet. You can also play regardless of which operating system your mobile device is using, Android or iOS. Simply log in to your casino account using your mobile device, it's simple as that!

Casinos give bonuses regardless of which device you are using. You can receive all casino bonuses in mobile casinos as well. Many different mobile casinos offer new players:

Casino apps are not necessary but can sometimes offer a better user experience. Most mobile casinos work well directly in your browser, but especially bigger casino operators have their own dedicated casino apps for you to download.

Bojoko has listed a number of good mobile casinos that have their own application. The following casinos have the best casino apps for Canadian players:

You will have access to a wide selection of casino games on mobile, no problem. Some casinos might have fewer games available on mobile, but in general, you can play all the same casino games as on desktop. 

You can enjoy these typical casino games on your mobile casino:

Mobile casinos are safe. Using mobile devices does not make online casinos any more risky or unsafe, but you should always be aware of a few things. To ensure safety, you will need to make sure the casino has:

  • A valid gaming license
  • Require KYC (know your customer)
  • Have conventional and trusted payment methods

We also advise not to use unsecured Wi-Fi connections in public while making money transfers just in case.

Back when mobile gambling started, there were big differences in which casinos you could play in and what games were available. One of the major issues in those days was that Flash technology wasn't available on Apple devices and most slots were made with Flash.

Nowadays the situation has completely changed. With the advent of HTML5, all mobile devices are equal. The same games work on all devices and everyone gets to play. So, it doesn't matter anymore if you have an Apple or an Android.

Ville Saari

Article by:

Ville Saari

Ville is an industry veteran, who has written thousands of gambling-related reviews and articles since 2009. He is an IT engineer with a passion for game and strategy optimisation, and to teach the world to play better.

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