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Online casino software providers are the companies behind casino games. There's fierce competition in the iGaming business, and the Canadian gaming market is no exception. These slot suppliers keep pushing out new games with astonishing quality and pace. Discover the best casino software providers on Bojoko!

Get the Most Out of Online Casino Software Developers

A well-operating casino software developer helps you pick the games that are worth your time and money. Finding the people who supply the games you like makes it easier to find new slots that are right up your alley.

There are some names that you might come across often when playing on online casinos. NetEnt and Microgaming are the two biggest game developers, but being big doesn't automatically mean that you are good. Especially now that people have more options, their preferences get to play a bigger role. If you just release a hundred games with the same boring mechanics, no one will be interested. Providers like Nolimit City and Hacksaw Gaming have taken note of this and provide the best slots to buy bonus in, with the most creative mechanics ever.

Here, you can find some of the best casino game developers and the casino sites you can play them on. These are developers that have left an impact on the casino game scene and have made something that sets them apart.

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Find the best casino game providers on Bojoko

Top-5 Casino Software Developers:

The world is full of game suppliers, but some are clearly better than others. Here are some of the best developers whose games we love to play.


NetEnt is a pioneer and a legend amongst the developers. At one point, a casino was nothing if it didn't have the full NetEnt lineup available. Nowadays there are more high-quality options available, but their dedication and attention to detail has barely been matched. There is a reason why games like Gonzo's Quest and Starburst are still at the top of the most popular slots lists on casinos after a decade since they launched.

Even with them being on the top for years, NetEnt hasn't stopped making new games and innovating. They choose to release games at a leisurely pace, which means quality over quantity. General rule is that you can't really go wrong with NetEnt.

Sure, some games might not suit you or their theme is not up your alley, but the quality is there. NetEnt hasn't released an objectively bad game in ages. We have listed all casinos that have Netent games in their selection here in a dedicated Netent casinos page.


If innovation and outside the box thinking would have a name, it would be Thunderkick. There are those developers who simply churn out similar games one after the other, and then there are developers like Thunderkick.

Even though their game catalogue is not massive, it is unique. The themes and mechanics are out of this world and something you just don't see anywhere else. You can be sure that the game you are playing is unique experience.

Slots like Barber Shop Uncut, Babushkas, Esqueleto Explosivo, Sunset Delight and Turning Totems are all good examples of what the clever designers at Thunderkick are capable of doing. All of these slots are something completely different.

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play is the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to casino games. They have everything. Just like the saying goes, they may be master of none, but they are a close second in many fields.

Pragmatic Play has really buckled up and done the work. Their game quality has increased over the years dramatically, which has brought a lot of their games to the limelight and on to the toplists.

What is especially interesting about them is their versatility. If you just play their games, you can play great slots, enjoy classy live casino games and bet on matches on their sportsbook service. This is something not many developers can do.

NoLimit City

It is not easy standing out in the casino game industry, as there are so many options for players and the competition is fierce. This was the problem with NoLimit, who were making good games for years, but not quite breaking through. But as they say, if you keep doing your best, eventually it will pay off, and this is exactly what happened to NoLimit City.

NoLimit has been known to make a name for themself with dark and provocative themes. Their use of violent imagery, like hanged townsfolk in Tombstone R.I.P. or the patient images in Mental has been something that people have noticed.

With that being said, what really sets their games apart from the rest is their general high volatility. These are games that go all out with their big wins and features. There is no middle ground here, just everything or nothing.

Play'n GO

Play'n GO started out as a small company with a couple of interesting titles. Their innovative design work was present from the early days and only got better as time went by. Soon, their catalogue was bursting with tons of popular titles and Play'n GO's name was everywhere.

Play'n GO has been pushing out a lot of great titles with amazing regularity. This opulence of slots was one of the key factors that set Play'n GO apart from the competition. They were able to frequently publish games that players liked with nearly any misses in the midst.

Amongst the gret titles, one series is above the rest. Play'n GO's biggest hit has been their Dead series, which started with Book of Dead in 2016. This game has gotten multiple sequels, spun off both the Rich Wilde and Cat Wilde series, and has been copied by so many other developers.

These are just some of the amazing game developers that the Bojoko experts have picked out. If you don't yet know which games you might want to try, take a look at these and you will not be disappointed.

Here, you will also find casinos that have a lot of different game studios on board. These casinos are great for testing games and seeing who makes the ones you love.

Find the Casinos With the Most Developers

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Game Providers and Responsible Gaming

Casino game suppliers for Canadians

Online casino regulation covers more and more aspects of gaming. Online casinos have become more responsibility-minded, and game providers are following suit.

We sat down with Henrik Fagerlund the Managing Director of NetEnt and asked him how suppliers are meeting the responsibility and compliance expectations of players and regulators alike.

We want to make sure that players realize that when it's no longer fun, it's time to walk away. We simply don't want players to spend more than they can afford.
Henrik Fagerlund, MD, NetEnt

What are the key differences in casino operator and game supplier licensing?

HF: "In a nutshell, the casino operators licensing conditions come with much more requirements and focus around the players and payments. For the game suppliers like us, they come with more requirements around the games (obviously) and around guaranteeing game integrity and fairness."

How much do licensing conditions vary from one regulator to another?

HF: "On the surface, the overall licensing conditions are very much the same and are very much centered around player protection and responsible gaming. Having said that, every regulator have their own requirement twist and flavor to it and this is something that causes both the operators and suppliers to have to spend a lot of effort in ensuring compliance (where we as and industry could spend more time on innovating instead) in the different markets we operate in.

A dream scenario would be to see more standardization, like we e.g. have in the telecom industry. As an example, that many people don't think about, we have GSM, 3G, 4G, 5G etc. that are global standards, stipulating the requirements for all telecom suppliers and operators globally."

Why are NetEnt and other suppliers investing in responsible gaming? Wouldn't it just be better to have players lose more money?

HF: "At NetEnt, we want players to play for the right reason: to have fun. It's important to realize that while for most of the population gaming is a fun activity, for others it can become problematic.

At NetEnt we want to be transparent about this and we want to make sure that players realize that when it's no longer fun, it's time to walk away. We simply don't want players to spend more than they can afford, according to their entertainment budget. This is why we invest in supporting all the major responsible gaming measures coming from the regulators, eCogra etc."

What is the game provider's role in responsible gaming? How has this evolved?

HF: "We play a big role in responsible gaming together with the operators. It's evolving for the better all the time, largely driven by increased regulation in general, more markets regulating and just a maturing industry in general. There is simply less and less space for the "rogue guys", which is a good thing, of course."

How do you share responsibility for player safety with the operators? Are there areas of overlap?

HF: "Not as much as we perhaps could and should do. I think we can do more together. Having said that, data sharing is key in order to combat this but therein lies also a bit of a paradox with how much can be shared, due to e.g. GDPRS and just in general the natural resistance in sharing of sensitive information between us."

Which tools does NetEnt give players and casinos to set limits and recognise problem behaviour?

HF: "NetEnts BackOffice supports all the measures that are stipulated by the regulators, eCogra etc. These include setting loss limits, self-exclusion, reminders, reality check etc."

What responsible gaming tools do you see becoming mainstream in the 2020's?

HF: "AI and Big Data fueled tools and algorithms will be it, for sure."

Are there any elements in NetEnt games themselves that could be considered problematic from the responsibility perspective?

HF: "Because the foundational mechanics of a slot machine is to build anticipation and excitement, there will always be a small percentage of players that slot games can be problematic for. Our main goal is, however, to provide entertainment to the player- we want our players to never play with money they can't afford to lose.

As far as game mechanics go, the most important thing is that players understand how the games work so they realize that these are fun games of random chance and not something which can be "beaten". For this reason we recently came out with a new player FAQ, to make sure our players understand the games, and play in a safe and fun environment."

Has the stronger focus on responsible gaming changed the way you make new games? E.g. the game mechanisms and the use of characters?

HF: "Yes, it has. We make sure all of our staff keep a responsible mindset when they make new games. Our games teams work very closely with compliance to make sure they are meeting the strictest industry standards. Graphics and characters have evolved in a more responsible way over the years."

What Makes the Best Casino Software?

To a large extent, picking the best casino software is a matter of personal opinion. However, we have taken the bold step to measure and quantify the gaming experience. The very best online casino software should score full marks on all of these six aspects. Use them to compare the top casino software providers.

Game Design

The game's design is how the game looks on your screen. Poor design can make even the most brilliant concepts tank. Conversely, a well-designed game has the ability to hide weaker aspects and still provide a fantastic gaming experience.

Design preferences vary amongst players. However, outdated designs and flawed graphics will stick out in the same way that fresh, imaginative designs capture your attention.

Game supplier's games are exceptionally designed and visually engaging.
The appearance and visuals of the games are of a good standard.
Game graphics and design are neither particularly enticing nor off-putting.
Significant number of aesthetic issues with the games.
Poor graphics are the major reason you choose not to play this supplier's games.


Gameplay includes game features, user interface and overall technical playability.

Players expect a high level of usability from today's casino games. A game should be built in a way that makes playing a pleasant experience. There's a big difference between a user interface that looks mediocre and runs poorly and a highly polished, responsive game.

Every element works and runs smoothly, the game's interface is extremely easy to use and very appealing.
Game interface is player friendly and makes for a pleasant gaming experience.
Gameplay and user interface are acceptable but could do with some improvement.
The functionality of the game is slightly impaired or not fully convincing.
Many user interface issues with the games. Very poor usability that makes it difficult to play.

Mobile Gaming

Players want their favourite casino games to be available on all devices. Games should run without issues on smartphones and tablets. In best cases, playing the mobile version should offer some extra value.

Exceptional mobile gameplay, diverse selection of games for mobile devices.
Missing or defective elements from otherwise acceptable mobile gaming, such as a low number of games for mobile devices.
Mobile gaming has obvious technical shortcomings that hamper the gaming experience.
Very primitive mobile gameplay lacking significant features found in the desktop versions of the games.
Game supplier offers no mobile games at all.

Bonus Game Features

The in-game reward system is the key to a satisfying and entertaining game experience. Bonus game features can be anything from free spins to re-spins, bonus games, random wilds etc. All of these special features will alter the outcome of the game and present bigger windows of opportunity to win cash.

Generally, players prefer more varied, original and thematic bonus game features. However, badly explained, hectic and unclear bonus features may create a confusing game experience. This can be a turn-off for many players.

Bonus games have original features which offer a thrilling complement to regular gameplay.
Games have great bonus game features overall but they lack originality or ability to entertain.
Bonus game features look common and quite average.
Very few bonus game features without any entertainment value.
Game supplier's games have no bonus features.

Game Audio

Sound design and game audio have become an essential part of the casino game experience. Audio that complements the gameplay immerses the player fully into the experience. Lacklustre music and sounds leave a negative impact instead.

Game music and sounds help orient the player within the narrative. With good-quality accompanying audio, players can follow the action easily. Audio is also entertaining on its own and creates an enjoyable gaming experience.

Brilliant use of music and sounds that complement and elevate the gaming experience.
Game supplier uses music and sounds well.
Game music and sounds need improvement.
Games have very basic sounds and might lack music completely.
Games offer a very poor sound environment.


Originality in gameplay can never be underestimated. Games that introduce new ideas do better than recycled concepts and mediocre themes.

New rules and game systems help in exciting and engaging players. People are swayed by original games. You'll always be looking for a fresh perspective when you try out a new casino game.

Pioneering game supplier with its own distinguished style, pushing the boundaries of game creation.
Game supplier occasionally comes up with new creative games and game features that are a success.
Game design, audio and bonus features are quite easily recognisable, but the games offer more or less the same experience every time.
No serious effort to differentiate from competitors. Follows safe, old patterns set by itself or other game suppliers.
Creates bulk games with no new features or unique style.


Casino software companies, also known as game providers or suppliers, are firms that create online slots and other casino games. They constantly experiment with ways to delight their fans. When they succeed, more players try their new slots or live casino games.

There are big differences in quality and volume between online casino software companies. There are plenty of them, so you have always something new to try.

There are some household names that should be recognised by all players in Canadian online casinos. NetEnt and Microgaming have been the two big dogs for decades fighting over the top spot. Playtech on the other hand has simply done their stuff and quietly expanded over the years.

You can play their most popular games in:

The term casino gaming software refers to the software running the casino games. This is specific to each company making and publishing the games. Casinos usually have games from many different suppliers. The casinos are running a different online casino gaming software for each supplier.

Casino game software is not to be confused with the casino platform. In addition to games, each casino has to deal with bonuses, money transfers and customer support. All these functions are tied to the casino platform.

Some casinos have created their own platform; others are part of a bigger network or buy theirs as a turnkey solution. For example, all Nektan casinos use the same platform.

You can search casinos by their casino platforms on Bojoko. When you happen on a casino with a style you like, check out the platform to find others with a similar style.

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