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Learn all about live casino game shows and find the best game show casinos for Canadian players. Live casino game shows are fun and communal games where the experience takes the driver's seat.

Live game shows are all about that feeling of playing together and enjoying the show. These are not strategic games with tactics and calculations. These are game shows.

Best casinos to play live game shows

Here, you can find the best casinos to play live casino game shows. All of the casinos you find here are highly rated and come with large live casino game selections.

Discover the best game shows and find a casino that is just right for you.

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The best casinos to play live game shows

Best live casino game shows in 2024

The best live casino game show can be an exciting and fun experience. Here are the best game shows in Canada and the casinos that have them.

You can see how the games work and check out a quick video of each game. Learn which online live game show looks the most interesting to you and try them out.

Below, you can find the best live game shows in 2024.

Crazy Time

Crazy Time is a very popular live game show from Evolution Gaming. As the name implies, this game is extremely volatile and can have mind-boggling wins.

Crazy Time is a Wheel of Fortune game where you bet on those symbols you want the needle to stop on. You can bet on multiple sectors, which is recommended if you want to play for the special sectors.

The wheel has four special bonus games, which are rare but valuable. Cash Hunt, Coin Flip and Pachinko are good, but Crazy Time is amazing. The namesake feature has a sector with a 100x multiplier, which can be doubled or tripled multiple times.

Check out how a round of Crazy Time plays:

Where to play Crazy Time

These are the best casinos to play Crazy Time:

Videoslots UP TO C$200 + 11 BONUS SPINS 550
Caxino UP TO C$1,000 + 100 BONUS SPINS 250
Mason Slots UP TO C$300 + 75 SPINS + 15 FREE SPINS 150

Mega Ball

Mega Ball is a classy bingo-style game show from Evolution. The theme is reminiscent of the yearly TV game shows with its gold and teal colour scheme.

The gameplay is simple, you just buy as many cards as you want and hope that you get full lines on them. Every completed line wins, and the more lines you get, the bigger the win is.

At the end of each round, a Mega Ball is drawn. This ball has a special multiplier that can be up to 100x. If you get the Mega Ball number on a winning line, you get the multiplier.

Mega Ball is easy to learn and a great starter game show. It is more subtle than most other games, which makes it more approachable.

This is what Mega Ball game show looks like:

Where to play Mega Ball

These are the top Mega Ball online casinos:

Mr Vegas UP TO C$200 + 11 SPINS 300
Horus Casino UP TO C$300 + 25 SPINS 350

Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette takes the basic roulette game and amps it up. This is a more exciting and volatile version.

On the base level, Lightning Roulette is just like any live roulette. The gameplay and rules are exactly the same. If you've ever played roulette, you know how Lightning Roulette works. But what makes it different are the shocking special features.

At the start of each round, a handful of numbers are chosen as ‘lucky numbers', and they get an additional multiplier. These are between 50x and 500x, which is quite huge considering that the base pay for a straight-up bet is 29x.

Check out the gameplay of Lightning Roulette:

Where to play Lightning Roulette

We recommend these casinos where you can play Lightning Roulette:

Happy Hugo UP TO C$300 + 50 BONUS SPINS 100
Wolfy Casino UP TO C$200 MATCH BONUS 450
GG.Bet UP TO C$700 + 75 SPINS + 50 FREE SPINS 200

Monopoly Live

We all know the game Monopoly, but how does it transfer to a live game show? On the surface, the theme only seems visual, but Monopoly Live goes much deeper than that.

Monopoly Live is a Wheel of Fortune type game and it functions just like the rest. You just bet on what you want the wheel to land on and watch the game play out.

What makes this game interesting is the special sectors. Chance is just like in the game, a random outcome, though here it is more positive.

The 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls sectors are when the fun stuff happens. You are transported to an actual Monopoly board, and Mr. Monopoly starts rolling dice and running on the board. The further you get, the bigger the rent is, and the more wins you rack up. Get doubles, and you'll even get a new roll.

This is how a round of Monopoly Live plays out:

Where to play Monopoly Live

Here are the best Monopoly Live online casinos:

Mr Vegas UP TO C$200 + 11 SPINS 300
Videoslots UP TO C$200 + 11 BONUS SPINS 550

Sweet Bonanza Candyland

Sweet Bonanza Candyland is a very colourful and sweet game full of everything tasty. It is a combination of the Sugar Rush game family, as well as the Sweet Bonanza games, and it goes all in on the tasty treats.

The game is a Wheel of Fortune type of game show with several special sectors. You just buy the tickets to the sectors you want to win and see where the wheel will land.

There are several bonus games on the wheel. The Sweet Spins sector starts a slots bonus game, Sugar Bomb is a multiplier re-spin, Candy Drop is a pachinko-styled game and Bubble Surprise can be either a big multiplier or it can launch another bonus game.

Here's how Sweet Bonanza Candyland plays:

Where to play Sweet Bonanza Candyland

You can play Sweet Bonanza Candyland on these highly-rated casinos:

Casumo UP TO C$1,500 + 100 BONUS SPINS 400
Casilando UP TO C$300 + 90 SPINS + 10 FREE SPINS 150
Rizk UP TO C$250 + 50 BONUS SPINS 200

Adventures Beyond Wonderland

Adventures Beyond Wonderland is one of Playtech's most popular game shows. It is a wheel-based game that leans heavily on the Alice in Wonderland theme. The game looks amazing, and even the hosts are dressed accordingly.

The game has a very quirky feel and is full of whimsy. This is a perfect example of the showmanship that live game shows can have.

Each round starts with you betting on the sectors the wheel will land on, and if you bet correctly, you win.

There are several special sectors that can have massive wins. Wonderspins and Walterspins can have huge multipliers, Mystery gives you random prizes or a multiplier re-spin, and Magic Dice is a mini-game where you climb higher and higher for a bigger win.

This is what Adventures Beyond Wonderland looks like:

List of live game shows by provider

Where to play Adventures Beyond Wonderland

Try out Adventures Beyond Wonderland on these recommended casinos:

LeoVegas UP TO C$500 + 100 BONUS SPINS 150
Casumo UP TO C$1,500 + 100 BONUS SPINS 400

Note: Use expandable headings for Evolution, Pragmatic, and Playtech and list all of their game show games

Here, you can find a list of the live game shows by provider from the three biggest providers on the market. Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play and Playtech are the three companies that are responsible for the most live games you play on Canadian online casinos.

Some games may be limited to specific casinos. Especially Evolution's games may not be available on every Canadian casino. If you are looking for a specific game, you may need to check out another casino site if the first one doesn't have it.

Evolution Gaming is the biggest and the best live casino game provider. They have been pushing the envelope and innovating new ways to play live games. This is why they have a large number of live game shows.

Here are the Evolution live game shows:

  • Monopoly Live
  • Monopoly Big Baller
  • Lightning Roulette
  • XXXtreme Lightning Roulette
  • Lightning Lotto
  • Lightning Dice
  • Red Room Roulette
  • Mega Ball
  • Dream Catcher
  • Imperial Quest
  • Deal or No Deal
  • Football Studio
  • Football Studio Dice
  • Crazy Coin Flip
  • Cash or Crash
  • Gonzo's Treasure Map

Pragmatic Play has been expanding quickly over the years. They have come from being a small slot developer and become an all-encompassing game studio with something for everyone.

These are Playtech's live casino game shows.

  • Boom City
  • Mega Wheel
  • Snakes and Ladders Live
  • Sweet Bonanza CandyLand Live
  • Vegas Ball Bonanza

Playtech is one of the oldest online casino game providers. They were quick to hop on the live casino game train and have created several popular live game shows. You can check out our Playtech casino page for more games.

Here are the Playtech's live game shows:

  • Deal or No Deal: The Big Draw
  • The Money Drop Live
  • Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live
  • Big Bad Wolf Live
  • Mega Fire Blaze Lucky Ball Brasileiro
  • Buffalo Blitz Live
  • Spin a Win Live
  • Everybody's Jackpot Live
  • Fashion TV Mega Party

How Bojoko rates casino game shows

Bojoko rates casino game shows based on multiple factors, which include things like the visuals, the fun factor, the features, the payouts, the RTP, how easy it is to play and so on.

Our goal is to show you all the good options you have and help you find the right game for you. Our experts have decades of experience in online gambling, and they know how to compare games and casinos and know what to look out for.

The same attention to detail also goes into our casino review. Every online casino Canada review is filled with trustworthy and transparent information that helps you make an educated decision when choosing where to play.

What are live casino game shows?

Wheel of Fortune live casino game shows are common

Live casino game shows are a type of live casino game that focuses on the fun factor and the show rather than mathematical strategies. These games are all about communal enjoyment and the show-like atmosphere.

Live game shows are very similar to games you may find on TV shows. Wheel of Fortune, bingo and live slots are common mechanics. These are often simple, volatile games that anyone can play without requiring a lot of rules knowledge.

For example, a live roulette game is just roulette that is played with a real host, but the game show version, Lightning Roulette, is much more than this. It adds random multipliers, visual effects, bonus squares and other show elements to the mix to make it more interesting. Our live online casino page has more regular live table games if those seem like your games.

The game show mechanics and features are often easy to learn. The idea is that anyone can play them, and you can easily enjoy everything that is going on in the game.

Different live game show types

There are a couple of different live game show types, and here you can see how they work.

The common live game show types are:

Wheel of Fortunes are games where you bet on where the needle will stop on the giant wheel. The base game here is extremely simple, but the bonus games and features make them exciting.

Bingo games work just like regular bingo, get full lines on your cards, and you win. These games may have special tickets available that launch bonus games.

Table games are based on the classic games and play exactly the same. They just add features and bonus prizes to jazz things up.

Live slots are a varied bunch. They can be anything from a communally spun game to a regular slot that can trigger a live bonus feature.

The final type is TV Shows, which are modelled after the actual shows and play as closely to them as possible. These games are not that common, but it can be fun to be the player on them.

What is the average RTP of a casino game show?

The average RTP of casino game shows varies generally between 94% and 97%. The variance comes from your bets, as some betting strategies may result in different values.

Compared to other casino games, casino game show RTPs are generally good. The low end of the range can dip a little, but the high end is considered good for any kind of game.

Small changes in RTP are not that significant for your average player. The variance and randomness matter more. But, if you are a high roller, then this is something you want to take into account. Playing with a large bankroll changes the equation and smaller nuances become more visible. You can also check out the high roller casinos that cater to players who deposit more.

Here are the RTP ranges of some of the more popular live game shows:

  Low RTP High RTP
Adventures Beyond Wonderland 96.11% 96.82%
Gonzo's Treasure Hunt 96.35% 96.56%
Monopoly Live 91.30% 96.23%
Lightning Dice 96.03% 96.21%
Crazy Time 94.41% 96.08%
Mega Ball 95.05% 95.40%

As you can see, some games have a large range, while others are more even. Games with lower volatility often have smaller RTP ranges, and highly volatile and swingy games have more variance.

How to play a live game show online?

Here, you can learn how to play a live game show online. This will be a cakewalk if you've ever played on an online casino.

This is how you play live casino game shows:

  1. Create a casino account or log in
  2. Deposit money to your casino account
  3. Open the live game show you want to play
  4. When the betting timer shows up, place your bets or purchase tickets
  5. Watch the round play out and see if you win

The games may have a lot going on on the screen, but the player controls are very simple. You just need to choose your bet size and what you are betting on. This could mean choosing the sectors on the wheel or purchasing as many bingo tickets as you want.

The game itself runs automatically, and you can't influence the outcome. There are some bonus games that may require a choice, for example, between heads or tales, or maybe red dice or green dice. If you win anything, the game will hand out your money without you needing to do anything.

Live game show rules

Live game show rules are easy to learn. The game mechanics are simple and can be picked up in seconds. The games are meant to be more of a spectacle than strategic games with complex rules.

If you are playing a game show version of a regular table game, like roulette, then it is important to know the rules of that game beforehand. In the case of roulette, you can read our roulette rules and get familiar with the game.

For other game shows, here are the basic rules:

If the games have special features or bonus games, you need to purchase tickets for those separately. If the bonus game triggers and you didn't buy tickets, you will not get any prizes from it.

The games let you choose the size of the bet you make. The wins are always portrayed as multipliers of your bet.

Summary of live casino game shows

Live casino game shows are a more casual and fun option. They are a nice change of pace and add a level of lightheartedness to the experience.

Nowadays, there are plenty of options, and more are being released all the time. You can try out the different game types to see which is the one that you like.

The game shows that we have shown here are a great cross-section of what there is to play. These are all good games and work well as a starting point for new players. They are popular and can be easily found on Canadian online casinos.


The best live casino game shows, according to popularity, are Crazy Time, Monopoly Live and Mega Ball.

Cash or Crash, Adventures Beyond Wonderland and Gonzo's Treasure Hunt are also considered to be some of the greatest live casino game shows.

Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play and Playtech are the three biggest game providers that have live game shows.

Evolution has the largest selection of live game shows, Pragmatic Play is an up-and-coming studio when it comes to game shows, and Playtech has focused more on live slots.

No, you can't play live game shows for free. There are no demo versions of live casino games.

Many games do have low minimum wagers, so you can play with small deposits. You still do need to deposit something to be able to play.

The best casino for live game shows is LeoVegas. It is a strong all-rounder that excels in basically everything. This includes live game shows, which they have in spades.

Live game shows are a type of live casino game where you play with other people a game that is reminiscent of game shows seen on TV.

There are many kinds of live game show. Some have a Wheel of Fortune, some are like bingo games, and you can even play slots communally with other people.

You can play live game shows using an app. If a casino has a mobile app, you can use it to play all live casino games, including live game shows.

Most online casinos do not have a dedicated app. On those casinos, you can just play using your mobile device's web browser.


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