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Best Canadian online casino bonuses

By Kati Saari, Updated:

Bojoko brings you the best casino bonuses. Online casino bonuses are a great way of getting extra money to a casino. Casino bonuses at best can multiply your initial deposit and boost your bankroll significantly. Use Bojoko's unique casino selection tool to find the best online casino bonuses for Canadians!

Find the best casino bonuses

When you compare the best online casino bonuses, there are many factors to account for and everyone has their own preferences. To make your search easier, we have created handy quick filters for different bonus types. Use them to find a suitable bonus for your needs and the casino bonus codes required!

  1. 200%/C$750
    1st deposit bonus
    QuickSlot casino review »
    1st deposit bonus 200%/C$750
    Wagering requirements 30x (D)
    Minimum deposit for bonus C$20
    Bonus code -
    Launch date 07/2022
    Quickslot provides a comprehensive gaming experience with high-quality entertainment for all types of players. Operated by CyScuti Entertainment Limited, the casino launched in ... QuickSlot casino review »
    Play here » New players only, 18+. Minimum deposit: C$20. Wagering requirement: 30x. Bonus funds are locked until wagering requirement is completed. Wagering must be completed within 3 days. Maximum withdrawal for winnings with bonus: C$3,000. Game weightings apply. Full and Bonus apply. Play responsibly.
  2. 150%/C$225
    1st deposit bonus
    Mr.Bet casino review »
    1st deposit bonus 150%/C$225
    Wagering requirements 45x (B)
    Minimum deposit for bonus C$15
    Bonus code -
    Launch date 01/2017
    Mr.Bet is a true gambler's hub with an extensive selection of games and sports betting. The fun casino has its serious side – Mr.Bet does not mess around with quality. Faro E... Mr.Bet casino review »
    Play here » Minimum deposit: C$15. Wagering requirement: 45x (bonus). Bonus must be activated within 5 days after registration. Game weighting apply. Full and Bonus apply. Play responsibly.

Online casino bonuses are listed on Bojoko

Bojoko helps you find the best bonuses

Online casino bonuses can sometimes be difficult to understand and players need to know exactly what kind of bonuses to use. Bojoko helps all users to filter different features of bonuses such as the wagering requirements, minimum deposits, bonus codes, etc.

We have created a unique search tool to help users find the best possible bonuses they can get. This sort of tool can't be found anywhere else than Bojoko!

Our experts also test and review the casinos, so we can tell you about the actual user-experience. They deposit real money, play with it and verify that the withdrawals work without issues.

Find the best casino bonuses

What are online casino bonuses?

Find the best online casino bonuses on Bojoko

Online casino bonuses are simply extra money that players get on top of their deposits. In today's world, the competition in the online casino industry is fierce and companies need to find ways to attract more customers. Bonuses are one way to do this and stand out from the competition. It is a great benefit for the players but also for the casinos themselves.

The most common type of casino bonus is a welcome bonus. When you decide to join a new online casino and register your account, the casino wants to make you feel welcome and give you extra money to play with. Anyway, there are many other types of bonuses as well.

The most common are:

It's also important to understand the difference between deposit and no deposit bonuses:

Read more about each of these types further below.

Different types of online casino bonuses for Canadians

Canadian players love bonuses and the casinos know it. The scale is wide when it comes to different online casino bonuses. Casinos are using different ways to give extra to the players, but what are these different ways?

Deposit bonus

The most common type of casino bonus is the conventional deposit bonus. It means the casino will give you extra money to play with regarding their own multiplier which is usually presented as a percentage. Each casino has its own bonus offer, but usually, deposit bonuses are ranging from 100% to 500% on top of your initial deposit.

Example 1: You deposit C$100 to an online casino offering a 100% bonus up to C$100. Your initial deposit will be matched with 100% bonus money. In practice, you will get C$200 in your account, where half of it is your deposit and the other half is bonus money.

Example 2: You deposit C$50 to an online casino offering a 200% bonus up to C$100. Your deposit will now be tripled because you are getting a 200% bonus. The maximum amount of bonus money is still C$100 though, so your deposit is lower than in the first example. In this one you will get a total of C$150 in your account, where your deposit is $50 and $100 is bonus money.

First deposit bonus

In a technical sense, first deposit bonuses are the same as any other deposit bonus, but they are generally just better.

Casinos are always trying to bring new players in and an enticing first deposit bonus is a popular method of doing so. When you compare deposit bonuses, you can often see that the first deposit gets the best bonus and the rest are just okay.

On your first deposit, you often get larger bonus percentages and bigger bonus sums. It is rare to get above 100% bonuses on your second or third deposit, but getting them for the first one is somewhat common.

No deposit bonus

Online casinos will sometimes give you bonuses with no deposit required at all. These bonuses are usually smaller but are perhaps the best option for especially smaller players. No deposit bonuses offer great value and also an opportunity to test casinos and their games.

No deposit bonus can come in different shapes and sizes. These might be for example:

To claim a no deposit bonus, you only need to register your account, activate it, use a bonus code if it's required and you are good to go! If you are interested, you can read more thoroughly about no deposit bonuses here.

Free spins

Free spins are something players have always enjoyed deeply. Free spins are as the name implies, free rounds of play in slot games. Free spins can be acquired either as a no deposit bonus or a deposit bonus. 

Free spins are often a utility for online casinos to reward players in different ways. Many times free spins are used as little gifts or given on the side of cash bonuses. 

What is important?

Free spins are great, but players should always pay attention to the quality side as well. What we mean by that is bet sizes, spin value, minimum deposits, and wagering requirements for winnings. These determine how good the spins actually are. Feel free to read more from our dedicated page of free spins.

Bonus combination

You can also receive a combination of both bonus money and free spins. Many casinos offer lucrative combinations. 

Example: You deposit C$100 to get a 100% bonus up to C$100 + 50 free spins. This is literally the same bonus as in the example here but you will also receive an extra 50 free spins. 

Cashback bonus

A Cashback bonus gives you money back from your losses. Depending on the casino, you will get a certain percentage back of your net losses. For example, you can lose C$100 but you will receive a 10% cashback. That would give you $100 x 0,10 = $10 back as bonus money.

reload bonuses

Bonuses are not always limited to the first deposit as some casinos offer so-called bonus packages. This means you will receive multiple deposit bonuses which will increase the total amount of bonus money available. You can get any sort of bonuses for your 2nd, 3rd, 4th or even 5th deposit as well from some casinos. These are called reload bonuses.

Casinos will sometimes offer reload bonuses to old players too. You can try out your luck by suggesting a reload bonus to a casino by contacting them yourself as well. Sometimes you might get lucky and get a nice new deposit bonus.

VIP & Loyalty programs

VIP and Loyalty programs are also something online casinos are establishing more and more these days. These are meant to reward customers who stick to one casino and keep playing there. Casinos want to hold on to these customers by offering bonuses, free spins or other benefits.

VIP-programs often have a set of tasks for you to fulfill. Many casinos will allow you to go up levels, which also raises your rewards.

How to find the best casino bonuses

Find the best bonuses from our casino list

1. Find the best bonuses from our casino list

We have a massive list of the best casino bonuses here on Bojoko. You can use ready-made filters or add your own to find the perfect casino for you.

Read the user and expert reviews

2. Read the user and expert reviews

After choosing a casino with the best bonus, you can read what our experts and other users have said about it. Their first-hand experience will give you a clear idea of what it is like to play there.

Go to the casino

3. Go to the casino

Every review page has a green ‘PLAY HERE' button that will take you straight to the casino. It will also activate any special bonus offers we might have for that particular casino.

Register and claim your bonus

4. Register and claim your bonus

When you get to the casino, register an account by filling out the required details. Deposit and claim your bonus. Remember to check if the bonus requires a bonus code.

Find the best casino bonuses

Casino first deposit bonus

Casinos want to make you welcome when you choose to join a new online casino. As mentioned previously, the first deposit bonus is the most common type of bonus that you can redeem while joining a casino. This is true especially in Canada, where deposit bonuses are popular amongst players, which in term makes the casinos fight over on who has the best first deposit bonus available. Let's have a better look at what you can expect to get.

100% deposit bonus

The 100% first deposit bonus is the most traditional welcome bonus you can expect to get. With a 100% bonus, you will double your first deposit.

How does it work?

In most casinos, your real money and bonus money will be kept separate. This means your initial deposit will be in your real money balance and your bonus money will count as your bonus balance. If the deposit bonus is forfeitable, you can cancel it at any time and deposit your real money winnings at any time.

Examples of the best 100% deposit bonuses in Canada:

200% casino bonus

Competition is tough between online casinos and some casinos are ready to offer you massive bonuses to win you on their side. This means you can get even 200% casino deposit bonuses, which will triple your deposit. Let's say you deposit C$50 and they will give you an additional C$100 on top of it making your total balance C$150.

Examples of 200% deposit bonuses in Canada

300% - 500% first deposit bonus

Basically, the multipliers can go as high as the casinos are daring to go. If a 200% bonus was big, there are some Canadian casinos that are willing to go even further, 300%, 400%, and even 500% deposit bonuses. These bonuses will multiply your money but are a rarity.

To find these deposit bonuses you can use our selection tool again and apply the quick filter 300%-500% casino bonuses. It will show you all of the biggest multipliers at once. Go back to the deposit bonus list here.

Deposit bonuses that are this big are getting rare. If you find one, you might want to take a second and think about it, as you won't come across them often.

Remember these when picking your casino bonus

Below we have listed some of the most important things you need to make sure you understand before you use any casino bonuses. 

Casino bonus codes

Bonus codes are used to activate your desired bonus. Some casinos don't require bonus codes at all, but some do. Make sure you always use the right bonus code. Depending on the casino, you will have to insert your bonus code before or after depositing in order to get your bonus.

Wagering requirement

Wagering requirement is the way that casinos make sure that most of the players using the bonus will not be able to withdraw anything from it. If the wagering is too high, the bonus is basically useless.

Minimum deposit

Some bonuses are available with the smallest possible deposit you can make, but this is not always the case. Make sure you know how much you need to deposit to get the bonus.

Game restrictions

Certain bonuses are made for certain games. You should always check out what can you play with the bonus especially when wagering it. Some bonuses let you play everything, but they may not count 100% to your wagering.


You can also reject your deposit bonus if you wish. Some players prefer to play with only real money. This way you don't have to worry about wagering requirements and everything you win is immediately withdrawable.

Bonus terms and conditions

One of the most important things to know about bonuses is their terms and conditions. Because free money is easily abusable, casinos have put in certain rules that you must follow. If you don't, the casino will disqualify your bonus and prevent you from withdrawing any wins you get with them.

Here, you can find the important terms that you should pay attention to. It is advised that you read through the bonus terms and conditions when you take them, but these are the key points to look out for.

Wagering requirements

Wagering requirements are the most important rules you need to keep in mind when picking a bonus. In order to withdraw your winnings, the bonus money will need to be converted into real money. This means you need to play and roll over the bonus money a certain amount of times in games before it is turned into real money.

  • The wagering requirement may apply to the bonus sum (B), your original deposit (D) or both (D+B).
  • Bonus sum x wagering requirement multiplier = total amount to wager.
  • Wagering starts when your deposit amount runs out.
  • Only bets made with bonus money count as wagering.
  • Completing the wagering turns your remaining bonus balance into withdrawable cash.
  • Wagering requirements over 35x (D+B) can be hard to meet.
  • You always have a certain amount of time to complete the wagering requirement. This can vary from weeks to months. 

Example: You have got C$100 as bonus money and the wagering requirement is 30x times. You need to wager a total of C$3000 ($100 x 30) before you can withdraw your winnings. 

Minimum deposit

All casinos have a minimum deposit limit in order to get a bonus. This is the bare minimum you get a bonus with. This is often a little bit higher than the casino's general minimum deposit limit.

Most of the time minimum deposit for a bonus is something between C$10 and C$20. There are exceptions though and more and more casinos accept very low deposit amounts already, as low as C$1-5. You can check all low minimum deposit casinos here.

Wagering percentages

All games don't roll your bonus money over the same way. Usually, slot games are the best games to use, because 100% of the stake is counted. Below is a list of how much each type of casino game will count towards your wagering requirements.

  • 100%: Almost all slot games
  • 20%: High RTP (Return To Player) slots
  • 10%: Roulette, blackjack, or live casino games
  • 5%: Video poker
  • 0%: Progressive jackpot games

If we assume we wager one Canadian dollar in games. By playing one dollar in roulette, only 10 cents would be counted for the wagering requirement. Make sure you play the right games and understand the wagering percentages to prevent unpleasant surprises.

Maximum bet

Almost all bonuses have a maximum bet. It will either be informed as:

  • The percentage of the initial deposit, or
  • Amount of dollars

Most of the time the maximum bet using bonus money in slot games is $5 per spin.

This term is very important. It is perhaps the most common reason why casinos disqualify bonuses. It is easy to accidentally start playing with higher bets than you are allowed.

Maximum winnings

Some casinos put a limit to winnings you can withdraw with bonus money. Especially if you have used no deposit bonuses or free spins, there is most likely a cap on winnings.

It might be a certain percentage compared to your deposit or a dollar amount of money. 

Example: You play 50 free spins and the max winnings are set to C$50. You manage to win C$75 with your free spins, but you can only withdraw the maximum amount of C$50. The rest will be deleted from your account.

Games allowed

Some casinos limit certain games totally when playing with bonus money. Usually, all the most popular slot games are allowed. Make sure the games you are playing with bonus money are always allowed and will contribute to the wagering requirements.

Bonuses may also be limited to games from specific developers. Some casinos want to push certain game developers more and thus, make the bonus only playable on their games.

Validity period

Your casino bonus will not last forever. Usually, online casinos will give you a time period within which the bonus should be used. Sometimes you don't have to claim your bonus right away either. You can sometimes wait a few days after your initial deposit and then claim the bonus. Usually, casinos will give you 7 days to claim your bonus.

There are two limits to look out for. First is how long you have to claim the bonus and the other is how long you have to wager it once used. Wagering period is often a couple of weeks with the most common being 21 days.

REGION restrictions

The online casino industry is very international and global, but not all bonuses are available in all countries or provinces. Players in different countries have different preferences and casinos will offer them bonuses regarding what they like the most.

Also, all casinos can't offer games or bonuses to all countries because of legislation. Here in Bojoko, all listed casinos and bonuses are available for Canadian players in general.

It is is also important to make sure if you are from Ontario, different rules may apply to you. Some casinos have altered offers to Ontarians, while others are not available in Ontario at all.

Biggest casino bonus in Canada - where can you get the most value?

Players very often are interested in getting the most amount of bonus money as possible. The size of a casino bonus can be determined in two ways, either by the percentage or the multiplier, or the actual amount of dollars you can receive. When talking about the biggest casino bonuses, there are some massive ones on the table in Canadian casinos.

The biggest casino bonus at the moment is an astounding 100% bonus up to C$1,600 + 250 free spins. This bonus is offered by Boom Casino. Not only the actual amount of dollars is absolutely huge C$2500, but you also get plenty of free spins to boot.

Interview with James Booth - Why casinos have bonuses?

It may sound counterproductive for casinos to offer bonuses that increase the players' chance of winning. So, why do they do it? We asked James Booth, the Acquisition Operations Manager of Lindar Media.


JB: "The casino landscape is an incredibly competitive industry and welcome bonuses are used to give customers the opportunity to trial a casino with less risk and more funds (usually) to try the site before they commit to it.

Once the player is a registered customer of a casino, further bonuses are then used to promote new games, competitions and general activity on the site, again to reduce the risk of the player but also to help the casino differentiate itself from its competitors."

With the increase in taxation in regulated markets, particularly the UK, the cost of giving bonuses is a huge liability for a casino.
James Booth, Lindar Media


JB: "With the increase in taxation in regulated markets, particularly the UK, the cost of giving bonuses is a huge liability for a casino. The UK's 'Point of Consumption' (POC) tax means that the casino must pay tax on all wagers even if they are free for the customer, so a 100% bonus can effectively double the tax the casino must pay.

So the casino must weigh up the benefits and liabilities and tread a very fine line to remain profitable. All of that is in the assumption that the player loses if they win of course the cost to the casino is greater still!"


JB: "Exclusive offers allow our affiliates to differentiate from their competitors so we often see different results whether that be positive or negative based on the offer itself. Giving a range of offers has the impact of broadening our appeal as a player may see an offer they prefer on one site over another. Overall we get more volume but the ROI will vary significantly."


JB: "Bonus abuse for us is a spectrum and not something we can define in a few words. All bonuses are designed to give genuine players an improved chance to test the site and ultimately win, however, we always look for individuals or groups of players who are attempting to take advantage of the site or our genuine players in whichever way, shape or form that may take.

As a UK GC regulated company, we have a responsibility to protect our customers, whether that be in terms of responsible gaming or abuse from third parties."


JB: "This comes with experience. Every bonus is open to abuse no matter how thought through it is, so we continuously monitor current bonuses and use learnings from previous bonuses to help guide this process."


JB: "Our casino is only available in the UK currently but from a general industry perspective each market is regulated differently, with different tax percentages and different ways tax should be paid, etc, which is a fundamental reason the difference you often see in different markets.

Unregulated markets and less rigid gambling licenses are often associated with higher, more frequent bonuses which is a result of there being less pressure on the operator to act in a fair, responsible, and ethical manner."


JB: "Again, our casino is not available in Sweden but speaking generally, operators find it incredibly difficult to retain players as players move from one casino to the next driven by bonuses they don't have access to if they stay put.

In the UK, bonusing is more flexible, but the UK POC tax puts more pressure on the casino to limit their bonuses and find more innovative ways to retain players. While regulation tightens and constricts operators, the need to innovate and evolve has never been so important."


JB: "The wonderful thing about our casino is that 100% of our players meet our wagering requirements and they all get their winning in cash! The same applies for our no-deposit bonus, whereby customers get spins for verifying their mobile number. Everything won by a player is paid as cash and free to withdraw."


Bonuses are a great way to familiarise yourself with the casino. They enable you to try out slots and other games with a bigger gaming bankroll. However, casinos don't want to hand out free cash to everyone who comes asking.

All casino bonuses have terms and conditions you should read thoroughly. These include:

  • Availability (new players only)
  • Regional limits
  • Minimum deposit
  • Wagering requirements
  • Expiration date
  • The maximum bet with an active bonus
  • Restricted games
  • Forbidden betting patterns

You want to convert your casino bonus balance into withdrawable cash. This happens by meeting the wagering requirements. Here's how wagering requirements work:

Example: You have got C$100 as bonus money and the wagering requirement is 30x times. You need to wager a total of C$3000 ($100 x 30) before you can withdraw your winnings. 

This is explained more thoroughly in our guide to wagering requirements.

Deposit match bonuses give you a certain percentage of your deposit sum as bonus money. If you win with your original deposit, you won't need the casino bonus. If luck is not on your side, the bonus is there as a safety net.

Deposit bonuses differ in the following ways:

  • Bonus sums
  • Bonus percentages
  • Extra goodies are thrown on top
  • Wagering requirements
  • Other terms and conditions

Online casinos are offering ever-bigger deposit bonuses these days. The size of a deposit bonus can be determined by the percentage or the absolute amount of dollars. Some casinos are offering up to 500% deposit bonuses, but then some casinos can offer lower percentages but up to much more in actual dollars.

Example: Boom Casino offers a 100% deposit bonus up to C$1,600. This means your initial deposit will be doubled all the way up to C$1,600. 

This is one of the biggest deposit bonuses you can get right now from Bojoko. Please note, that you can of course deposit a lower amount also and get the same multipliers.

The minimum deposit for a bonus varies a lot but is usually between C$10 and C$20. The more you deposit the more bonus money you will get, of course, but be aware of the maximum limits too. Some casinos are exceptions though in Canada when it comes to depositing amounts and bonuses.

Casino Classic and Zodiac Casino are Canadian casinos that offer a first deposit bonus for only a 1 dollar first deposit. You can get 40 to 80 free spins for your buck here. Feel free to check all these low deposit casinos here.

Some Canadian online casinos use bonus codes to unlock bonuses for players. The rewards earned vary from one site to another, but the best casino bonus codes feature:

  • no-deposit bonuses
  • free spins
  • match bonuses on your first deposits

Not all sites require you to enter a casino promotional code to get your bonus. When a new Canadian online casino reviewed on Bojoko features a first deposit or no deposit bonus code, this info is displayed on the listing page. In addition, you can see the bonus codes on our curated casino lists.

  • An online casino bonus code is a case-sensitive combination of letters and numbers.
  • Use the casino bonus code to redeem a special offer when prompted on the casino website.
  • You'll normally be requested to input the code when you create an account or make your first deposit.
  • In some casinos, you may need to contact customer support to redeem your code, although this has now become rare.

On Bojoko, you can find the bonus code in the casino reviews.

The best value casino bonuses can usually be found in the new player casino bonus package, i.e. the welcome bonus. Online casino welcome bonus packages are usually broken down into a few separate steps with different bonus sums and percentages.

Picking the best casino welcome bonus in Canada is largely up to your own preferences. When comparing the best online casino welcome bonuses, you should keep an eye on the terms and conditions.

Use the quick filters in our casino bonus list to browse the latest casino bonus deals. Get new casino welcome bonuses when you deposit.

Your first deposit usually gives you the biggest bonus sum and the highest bonus percentage. However, many casinos also offer reload bonuses for subsequent deposits.

Some reload bonuses are only offered once-a-week or once-a-month. They can only be claimed on certain days. Some online casinos feature reload bonuses that are available any time you like.

Insurance bonuses are deposit bonuses that need to be unlocked by contacting the support. If you lose your deposit, the insurance bonus kicks in and gives you a second chance at the games. Insurance promotions usually come with a wagering requirement and a maximum conversion.

No deposit casino bonuses are given to new players when they first create an account. These bonuses offer great value as you don't have to make a deposit to acquire them. No deposit bonuses are usually:

  • Free spins
  • Bonus money or free chips
  • A spin of the casino wheel with random rewards

Check out our list of no deposit bonuses here.

Free spins are free slot rounds to try out the game and the casino. You don't need to make a deposit, just register and verify your account details.

No deposit bonuses usually include one or more of the following:

  • Free spins are given with your deposit bonus
  • No-deposit spins
  • No-wager spins
  • No-deposit, no wagering spins

Pay attention to bet sizes, minimum deposits, and the wagering requirements to determine how good the free spins offer is.

You can find more info on our free spins page.

Any type of bonus that can be used to play online slots can be labeled as a slots bonus. The overwhelming majority of casino bonuses fall into this category.

Cashback bonuses are a percentage of the net losses that are given back to the player.

EXAMPLE: A casino offers a 5% cashback bonus. You play through your initial deposit of C$100 without winning anything. The casino gives you C$5 (5% of C$100) as a cashback bonus.

Cashback bonus T&Cs may include time limits, wagering requirements, and maximum bonus caps. Usually, cashback is given as wager-free cash.

Even today, casinos can get away with great-sounding bonuses that aren't good for the player. Some bonus rules bundle your real money balance and bonus money together. The wagering requirements can also be impossible to meet.

If you take a non-forfeitable bonus, playing and winning with real money becomes irrelevant.

On Bojoko, you can easily find the casinos with forfeitable bonuses. Apply the filters on our casino lists to only show you the forfeitable casino bonuses.

A sticky bonus is the exact opposite of the forfeitable bonus. In a sticky bonus, the wagering requirement is usually low and the bonus percentage high. So far so good. However, the initial bonus sum is deducted from your balance when you withdraw your winnings. The sticky bonus itself can never be withdrawn.

A sticky bonus isn't usually a good deal for the player. In recent years, sticky bonuses have disappeared from most online casinos.

Many casinos have a loyalty or VIP program that uses a point system to reward active players. Some also use casino points in their casino gamification.

Casino currency or comp points are earned by:

  • Playing the games
  • Making deposits
  • Meeting in-game goals

Casino cash can be used to buy different types of bonuses or physical merchandise.

Some casinos give out casino currency with the first deposit. This incentivizes new players to get involved with the loyalty scheme.

Many casinos want to save their most generous casino deposit bonus offers to trusted partners like Bojoko. With a special bonus code or a unique link, you'll get exclusive casino bonus offers that can't be found anywhere else.

Take a look at our best casino bonus list, apply the Special bonuses quick filter, and bag some secret goodies.

Casino VIP programs often celebrate their players' membership anniversaries and birthdays. If your big day is coming up, you may be entitled to some free spins or other rewards.

Some sites offer a referral bonus to players who invite their friends to create an account and deposit. Referral bonuses can be:

Some casinos actively promote their sites on social media platforms. By following your favorite casinos' social media accounts, you might be able to grab some extra goodies.

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Kati Saari

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