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First deposit casino bonus [Canada]

By Jussi Viljanen, Updated:

Bojoko helps you find deposit bonuses. First deposit bonus gives you a headstart at an online casino. You can boost your bankroll and multiply your deposit with a wide range of casino deposit bonuses available in Canada!

Find your casino deposit bonus

Most of the casinos have a deposit bonus, but some are simply better than others. Going through them all to find the good ones is a huge ordeal, so that's where we come in. We did the hard work so you don't have to.

On Bojoko, you can find a comprehensive list of different deposit bonuses. Feel free to filter casinos and compare them to match your preferences. From the list below you can find the right casino deposit bonus for you!

Read more about deposit bonuses

On this page, you'll learn about deposit bonuses. What they are, where you can get them and what to look for.

Learn all there is to know about deposit bonuses:

Find a casino deposit bonus from Bojoko!

Bojoko helps you find deposit bonuses

Finding the right deposit bonus is not always so easy. There are a lot of offers to choose from and the casinos themselves are different. Bojoko has created a unique search tool to help you find the best possible deposit bonuses with all the information included.

We source our information straight from the casinos so it can be as accurate as possible. We also rate and review said casinos to give you an accurate picture of what it's like to play there. This includes playing with real money and verifying withdrawals to make sure the casino pays out.

Find the best deposit bonuses

What is a casino deposit bonus?

Find the best deposit bonus from Bojoko

For Canadian players, the deposit bonus is the most common type of bonus that online casinos offer to players, and of them, a first deposit bonus is the one you get traditionally. This is when you get extra playing money after joining a casino and depositing for the first time. 

When you join a casino, your first deposit will usually be matched as bonus funds, but the total sum depends on these two things:

Usually, Canadian online casinos separate your bonus money from the real funds you deposited but you will always play the real money first. If the bonus is forfeitable, you can ditch it if you manage to win with your real money. This is how you can give up the bonus and withdraw your winnings and dodge the wagering requirements.

However, if your real money runs out, the bonus acts as a safety net.

EXAMPLE: You take a 200% welcome bonus up to C$100:

  1. You deposit C$50. They go to your real money balance
  2. You get C$100 in bonus funds (C$50 x 200%). They go to your bonus balance
  3. You can withdraw your remaining deposit and real money winnings at any time. However, this cancels the bonus
  4. If you lose your deposit, you start to play with bonus money
  5. Complete the wagering requirements of the bonus
  6. The remaining bonus balance becomes real money and you can withdraw it

Three types of deposit bonuses

The very simple deposit match bonus is not the only type you can get. There are three main types of casino deposit bonuses. You can either get extra cash as mentioned, or you can get free spins or a hybrid with both of these combined.

Amounts can vary a lot between different casinos. Some online casinos can afford to offer players very big bonuses worth thousands of dollars but then smaller casinos may only offer a few dozen extra spins.

This is where Bojoko can help you the most. We help you choose the best deposit bonus for yourself and for that you can use our selection tool and the list of deposit bonuses. You can easily glance through different casinos and pick a bonus that gives you the most value!

How to find the best casino deposit bonus

Find a great deposit bonus from our casino list

1. Find a great deposit bonus from our casino list

We have gathered a long list of casinos with great deposit bonuses here on Bojoko. You can use ready-made filters to find the best casino for you, or even add your own to fine-tune it.

Read the reviews from our experts and other users

2. Read the reviews from our experts and other users

After choosing the best deposit bonus for you, you can read what our experts and other users have said about it. Their first-hand experience can help you see what it's like to play there.

Go to the casino

3. Go to the casino

Every review page has a green ‘PLAY HERE' button that will take you straight to the casino. If we have a special deposit bonus available, that button is the way to get it.

Register an account and claim your deposit bonus

4. Register an account and claim your deposit bonus

When you get to the casino, you need to register an account. Just fill out the required information and verify your email if asked. Then you can do your first deposit and claim the bonus that comes with it.

Find deposit bonuses

Casino first deposit bonus - boost your bankroll

Casinos want to make you welcome when you choose to join a new online casino. As mentioned previously, the first deposit bonus is the most common type of bonus that you can redeem while joining a casino. This is true especially in Canada, where deposit bonuses are popular amongst players. Let's have a better look at what you can expect to get.

100% deposit bonus

The 100% first deposit bonus is the most traditional welcome bonus you can expect to get. With a 100% bonus, you will double your first deposit.

How does it work?

In most casinos, your real money and bonus money will be kept separate. This means your initial deposit will be in your real money balance and your bonus money will count as your bonus balance. If the deposit bonus is forfeitable, you can cancel it at any time and deposit your real money winnings at any time.

Examples of the best 100% deposit bonuses in Canada:

200% casino bonus

Competition is tough between online casinos and some casinos are ready to offer you massive bonuses to win you on their side. This means you can get even 200% casino deposit bonuses, which will triple your deposit. Let's say you deposit C$50 and they will give you an additional C$100 on top of it making your total balance C$150.

Examples of 200% deposit bonuses in Canada

300% - 500% first deposit bonus

Basically, the multipliers can go as high as the casinos are daring to go. If a 200% bonus was big, there are some Canadian casinos that are willing to go even further, 300%, 400%, and even 500% deposit bonuses. These bonuses will multiply your money but are a rarity.

To find these deposit bonuses you can use our selection tool again and apply the quick filter 300%-500% casino bonuses. It will show you all of the biggest multipliers at once. Go back to the deposit bonus list here.

Deposit bonuses that are this big are getting rare. If you find one, you might want to take a second and think about it, as you won't come across them often.


It is generally thought that deposit bonuses are always sheer cash, but more and more casinos are offering only free spins against the first deposit as well. Spins are more commonly used in no deposit bonuses or something to give on the side, but players in Canada can nowadays expect them solely as the first deposit bonus too.

The variety is bigger with spins. Depending on the offer and the casino, the number of spins can vary a lot. No deposit bonuses give you a small number of spins, but when you decide to make a deposit there can be a hefty amount. The major benefit of these bonuses is the very low wagering requirements, some of them even come with no wagering requirements.

The amount you deposit is a crucial factor too. There is a growing number of so-called low deposit casinos that allow C$1-C$5 minimum deposits but still, give free spins for your even very small first deposit.

Examples of free spin first deposit bonuses in Canada

Deposit bonus terms & conditions

When you get extra money from a casino, you should always remember there are terms and conditions involved unless stated clearly otherwise. All deposit bonuses usually have wagering requirements that you need to fulfill before you can withdraw winnings.

Wagering requirements in a nutshell

Wagering requirements for deposit bonuses can vary a lot but are usually between 20-60x times your bonus amount. Let's go through a simple example of how to fulfill a wagering requirement.

Example: You get a C$100 bonus with a 30x times wagering requirement. You need to multiply the bonus amount with the wagering requirement and roll that amount over in games before you can withdraw. In this case it would be C$100 x 30 = C$3000. You need to wager a total of three thousand dollars and all the winnings you have in your account after that are withdrawable.

Reload deposit bonus

Even though the first deposit bonus is the most common type of deposit bonus, you can also claim a reload bonus from many casinos. This means you can actually get a deposit bonus again after you have made your first deposit. 

From many casinos, you can claim a bonus for your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or even 5th deposit sometimes. It's always up to the casino what they want to offer and these days players have the opportunity to claim more than only the first deposit bonus.

What to consider using a reload bonus?

To get a reload bonus, you logically need to use your first deposit bonus first. When you have claimed your first bonus and fulfilled all the wagering requirements, only then you have the chance to deposit again and claim another bonus if it's available. Many times casinos offer reload bonuses as part of their loyalty or VIP-programs.

Make sure you understand the wagering requirements carefully. If you are using your first deposit bonus and get sick of the wagering requirements, you can be sure there are the same terms and conditions for the 2nd one as well. If you don't really understand how wagering requirements work, you can read more about them here.

Example of a reload bonus: bCasino offers a bonus package consisting of three deposit bonuses. 

First deposit bonus and responsible gaming

Gambling is risky and deposit bonuses are a way to make those risks sound smaller. When a player is given more money to play with, they actually end up often taking bigger risks and play more loosely.

Make no mistake, casinos don't offer deposit bonuses for new players out of the goodness of their heart. They are simply there to entice you to come and play and even though there are some good opportunities for players to exploit, deposit bonuses are mostly a marketing tool. 

As a player, you should learn the rules and mechanics of bonuses, so you can play responsibly. Bonuses can be a fun addition, but you should always stay in control. In the end, gambling is entertainment and not a solution to any kind of financial problem.


A deposit bonus is an offer that players can claim from online casinos. When you make a deposit to a casino, you have an opportunity to get extra money to play with, which is called bonus money. Different casinos offer different sizes of bonuses, but usually, you can get anywhere from 50% to 500% deposit bonus to match your deposit. This means your deposit is multiplied by the percentage and you can start playing with more money in your account.

  • Find your preferred casino deposit bonus
  • Register your new account
  • Make your first deposit
  • Claim the bonus & start playing
  • Fill the wagering requirements & withdraw winnings

Online casinos are offering ever-bigger deposit bonuses these days. The size of a deposit bonus can be determined by the percentage or the absolute amount of dollars. Some casinos are offering up to 500% deposit bonuses, but then some casinos can offer lower percentages but up to much more in actual dollars.

Example: Jackpot Village offers a 200% deposit bonus up to C$1000. This means your initial deposit will be tripled all the way up to C$1000. 

This is one of the biggest deposit bonuses you can get right now from Bojoko. Please note, that you can of course deposit a lower amount also and get the same multipliers.

The minimum deposit for a bonus varies a lot but is usually between C$10 and C$20. The more you deposit the more bonus money you will get, of course, but be aware of the maximum limits too. Some casinos are exceptions though in Canada when it comes to depositing amounts and bonuses.

Casino Classic and Zodiac Casino are Canadian casinos that offer a first deposit bonus for only a 1 dollar first deposit. You can get 40 to 80 free spins for your buck here. Feel free to check all these low deposit casinos here.

Almost every online casino has a deposit bonus offer. You can either claim cash, free spins, or a combination of these two. You can find all the deposit bonuses from Bojoko and our list of deposit bonuses.

Jussi Viljanen

Article by:

Jussi Viljanen

Jussi has been working in the iGaming industry for almost a full decade and gathered a vast experience about sports betting and online casinos. At the moment Jussi is taking care of the sports betting operations and partnerships at Bojoko.com.
Ville Saari

Article by:

Ville Saari

Ville is an industry veteran, who has written thousands of gambling-related reviews and articles since 2009. He is an IT engineer with a passion for game and strategy optimisation, and to teach the world to play better.

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